Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunday, March 4, 2007

"Me Bad at Work" "Clerk Chronicles" "Jerk Clerk" "Jerk Customers" "Jerk, Clerk, Work" "Moon Makes People Crazy"

Oh brother, I must have something wrong w/ me because jerk customers at my job made me yell at them & tell them to not be jerks to the new guy. They MADE me! Understand? Because they were jerkwads, their jerkwaddedness rubbed off on me & had me appear as a jerk. I also accused one guy of specifically being "passive aggressive", which seemed to calm him down for a moment, but I later felt stupid when I realized he was mostly being outright "aggressive". Moron! I coulda really called him out & looked like a badass, but instead I dropped the ball by labelling him the wrong specific emotion. I don't think he noticed. Also I mocked this woman on the phone when she couldn't get what she wanted & kept looking for new ways to ask. Here's the tail end of the conversation:

ME (wanting to get off the phone):
No I'm sorry, we can't do that.

WOMAN (wanting to be annoying):
...but enhhh, ennh-er..--

ME (mocking her):
ENHH ENHH ENNHH!!!-That's how it is, yep!

WOMAN (outraged by my mockery):
Oh my gaw--WHAT is your name?

ME (don't care/little scared):

WOMAN (stupid):
Josh? Are you wearing a hat!?

ME (not wearing a hat):

Ah, yeah, I know who you are... I know who you are... yeah... Bye.

Would you believe that that transaction left me w/ a sour feeling?