Thursday, August 23, 2007

I barely remember a giallo I saw.

Cold Eyes of Fear - directed by Enzo G. Castellari

Usually I love pictures directed by the underrated & under-the-radar Enzo Castellari. His films are stylish & sleazy & often kick some serious ass. I think he's extremely creative. This one is considered his only entry in the giallo genre, & while stylish it is also quite dull.... frowny frown. It's just that I can't remember what the hell it's about. I watched it then once it was over I was like oh...did I watch that? I think it's about a couple or something (the lady's the guy's mistress?) that don't like each other & then this guy comes over & he's a dirt bag & then a cop comes over & the couple's thinkin' "oh thank god" but the dirtbag's like "don't try nothin!". Then the man's like "okay I won't." but he tries somethin anyway & the cop knocks him out & dirtbag's like "ha ha!" & the cop's like "i'm a bad guy, dumbass!" somethin' like that. I think they all want money.

I can't complain TOO hard, it's nice looking, & it's got a great Morricone score, which is always an exciting plus for me, personally. I'd recommend it as a crime heavy giallo drama, (as opposed to suspenseful murderer one) specifically to fans of the genre, because most giallos are rather boring, in my opinion. You really have to dig for the awesome ones. (also, that's NOT to say that if you hear of a giallo marathon to not invite me, asshole! just kidding you're not an asshole.) The opening sequence is so cool & a great example of how fun Castellari is to watch. I'LL SPOIL IT IF YOU KEEP's not really a bad spoiler because it's at the beginning, but what happens is, this girl is being naked & sexy & then a dood comes up w/ a knife & is planning on stabbing her...or maybe she stabs him...i actually forgot, then they take off their clothes. But the big reveal is the camera zooms out to reveal an applauding crowd, we've been watching a stage show. awesome! Then we're suddenly in some swinging club w/ the Ennio Morricone music.

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