Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Edgar rolled out of bed and scratched his balls, but didn’t wash his hands for the rest of the day. He had a dog but forgot to feed it. The dog was still nice though.

“Ruff” it said to the mailman.

So more about Edgar. He was in a shitty mood, because he had a wife 7 years ago and she treated him badly. She cheated on him. Lied. Gave him Herpes. And divorced him and because he’s lazy and disorganized she managed to get a lot of his money. Also after he was divorced he dated one person and slept with her during a Herpes outbreak and didn’t tell her. Then she got herpes. She was pissed. He probably felt bad, but didn’t really react because what’s he going to do, he already hates himself. Anyway so he’s alone.

Somedays he calls his mom to leave her a message and whine about how he has no money. She has lots of money. He hopes she’ll die. Today specifically was a not too unusual day for Edgar. He went to a restaurant and ordered a sandwich in a nonspecific way. A Rueben at a Gutterman’s Diner. Gutterman’s is known for making the best Corned Beef Ruebens. Signs all over. "Try our corned beef Reuben!" "Best Reuben in town!" "Zagat’s loves our Reuben w/ Corned Beef specifically". So fuckin’ Edgar comes here and says “Gimme the Reuben.” They bring him their famous Reuben. And what does this shitbrain do? He sends it back because he wanted Pastrami. “I wanted Pastrami!” Even though he didn’t specify. On the way back to his car he keyed someone else’s because he hates himself and is lonely.

The End.

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Escher Dashiki said...

wunderbar. poor poor edgar.