Thursday, February 4, 2010


Rrrghgrrhr was the first caveman to think about why he got bored. If you were a person in caveman time you would get so bored of all the cavemen because they are all acting the same and no one thinks to say in caveman language “Hey this cave sucks let’s decorate it!” or “Hey that waterfall is pretty, do you mind if I admit that I think it is pretty?”

Well Rrrghgrrhr thought about these things. While all the other cavemen humped, killed, and screamed at things with careless glee, Rrrghgrrhr did it with a hint of indifference.

Also in caveman time cavepeople covered themselves in feces and jumped around a lot making “Woop! Woop!” noises. Of course you know the story that has been passed down from caveperson to caveperson to stupid person to stupid person to person to you and me about how cavesters hit their women on the head to do it with ‘em. I think that was not the only way cavepeople did it with each other. The men also threw rocks at their cave dingdongs before they figured out to put 'em in the cave ladies. And before that they tried putting their cave dingalings in the cave ladies’ knees. That didn’t work.

Anyway, Rrrghgrrhr was a bored caveperson. He invented boredom. He also thought about inventing the “kiss” because before people just went “Unnghrghhh” instead of kissing. But he could never figure out the proper equation. It was a Bible guy and King Arthur that would later use Rrrghgrrhr’s theories on mouth touching to invent the kiss.

One day Rrrghgrrhr got impaled by an extinct animal’s tusk and rode off a mountain to his death. There is no way of knowing if it was suicide out of boredom or just stupidity because he was still very stupid.

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Escher Dashiki said...

"do you mind if I admit that I think it is pretty?”