Monday, November 8, 2010

The Tale of Travelin' Grime.

Grime was on the ground and he was stuck to it. He basically relied on people to step on him so he could get around. But boy did he get around when he got around. Also when he got around he’d have little pieces of him left behind, often w/ a slimy grimy stringy separation. But what he’d lose he’d pick up somewhere else, off the bottom of some shoe or from wind blowing some piece of krap onto him that would then be classified as part of Grime.

Smile was a phony. Total phone balone. He showed up and was debonair and smooth talky.

“Hey Grime, lemme make you a deal. I’ll sell you this krap that will clean ya up and everyone will see ya as clean!” Said Smile.

“What? Don’t you understand that basically all I am is ‘not clean’. So if I clean my ‘not clean’ then I am literally nothing. Plus I'm already mostly krap so why do I need more krap? What? Am I gonna rub krap on krap and make krap disappear?” Grime said all that in kind of grizzled sort of grimy voice, by the way. In case you heard it differently.

Smile was devious because sometimes he was genuine and sometimes he was a she. That’s right Smile was a woman too. Nevermind that though. I’ll keep calling him a he. Sometimes he was genuine and sometimes you couldn’t tell if he was trying to get something from you.

Grime was miserable a lot, but he had nothing to hide. He was well traveled so even though you wouldn’t wanna give him a hug all the time, he might be important to have around because he can tell some tales. He’s experienced some hardcore stuff. One time he was scraped off something living and flung through the air, kicked around, then sat miserably for like 8 months, then scraped off, scrubbed off and then stepped on again and sat in a closet. Somewhere in there was a breast. Not sure how he got to wherever he is not, but I know he’s not in a closet. 

One time Grime had to challenge Smile to a duel and he got to show his true colors. Yellow teeth. A grimace. Grime realized and so did Smile, that Grime and Smile weren’t so different. Behind Smile was actually some of Grime. And they realized they must be from the same place because their names kind of sound the same. And now the lesson that you just learned is that you should rub grime on your face. 

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