Saturday, December 24, 2016

Secret Secret Secret

Shrimpy leaned over to Bloke.

"Hey can I have a secret?" said Shrimpy.
"Um, okay here." said Bloke. "Hasasassa..." whispered Bloke.
"Oooh!" said Shrimpy.
"Now can I have one?" asked Bloke.
"Yeah, here." said Shrimpy. "Sasahassa..." whispered Shrimpy.
"Gasp-wow!" said Bloke.
"How about another?" said Shrimpy.
"Okay!" said Bloke.
"Pssp-sspss-pssp!" said Shrimpy.
"Eeee!" said Bloke.
"Here's another!" said Shrimpy, "Shashasha!" Shrimpy whispered.
"Oh my wow!" says Bloke.
"Okay I'll take another!" said Shrimpy.
"Faffa-faffa!" fiffered Bloke.
"Wow that's good." said Shrimpy.
"You think so?" said Bloke
"Yeah and here's mine too." whispered Shrimpy,
"Thank you for sharing." said Bloke.
"Got knee-more a yours?" said Shrimpy.

Bloke didn't think he did. Then he thought for a second and got a real zinger of one.

"Wow okay, here's another." spilled Bloke.
"Yum-yum wowzo that was so good!" said Shrimpy!
"Wow I'll give you another!" blorted Bloke.
"Thank you-thank you!" shammered Shrimpy!

They were giddy as gittle girls!

"Yee heehee this so fun. Want another?" asked Blokeboy.
"You know I do!" said Shrimp!
"How about another?" says Bloke.
"Sure!" said Shrimpy
Bloke saspispered another!
"Okay one more?" said Bloke.
"Yes please." said Shrimpy.
"What you think of this?"
"Ooh I like it's good thank you."
"How bout this here?"
"Ooh it's terrific love what you've done with the place."
"And this one?"
"Baby, baby, that's smokin!"
"Here how about this ol' dandy?" confided Bloke.
"Oh my gosh, you sly devil you." said Shrimpy.
"Yeah yeah and here." said Bloke.
"Thank you." said Shrimpy.
"and here..." said Bloke.
"Thank you."
"and here."
"Thank you."
"and here."
"Thank you."
"Hey you wanna gimme some more secrets now?" asked Bloke, panting.
"I'm actually out of secrets."
"But I have all yours."
"And all mine were made up anyway."

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