Monday, January 8, 2007

Holy Krap! Awesome trailer!

Holy shit! I was just cynically complaining the other day about how Samuel L. Jackson sucks now & he just plays "Samuel L. actin' in a motherfuckin' movie wink wink Jackson" & how it would be cool if he actually played a character, or did some serious acting again, instead of just being a catchphrase king, pick up a paycheck type a guy. & I think often when it comes up in coversation, I've complained about how Christina Ricci sux big time & is really bad in many movies (Woody Allen's mess of a movie "Anything Else" is a great example of how bad she can get).

I just watched the trailer for that movie coming out called "Black Snake Moan". & Wowwo Dowwo! It looks to be the answer to all the things I was just complaining about. Sam's playin' a real specific character, & Christina Ricci seems like she's going to be pretty good in it. & I don't even know if I need to mention that she should win an award for looking as trashily hot as she does. Anyone vaguely familiar w/ her body of work (body? pardon the pun-HONK HONK) can tell that she clearly had to work really hard to get that hot. Kudos to you. Good job. Strut! If that's what you wanted, you got it, girlfriend! This movie just looks so weird & nutso & dark & sexy. Sign me up, cineplexes of America! I'll be there!

Also of note, I didn't much care for "Hustle & Flow", the other movie this guy directed. So that's three strikes against it & up against all that adversity, this trailer triumphed in ruling!

I don't know how to embed the trailer, but here's where to watch it.



that movie did you see christina ricci's spine!? girl got THIN.

joshfadem said...

I know!


oh shit, i just realized justin timberlake is in it!? that movie just got a thousand times better.

ZZalgern0n said...

hahahahahah holy fucking shit this looks AWESOME

thousandcuts said...

Yes, I generally agree with the statements made with regard to this trailer.