Friday, January 26, 2007

ZZZZZZZZZ not for me!

Last night I didn't really sleep because I couldn't make myself do it. It was so hard to do. How could I sleep when there's a computer monitor in front of me? & also I have loud neighbors (they were sleeping though). & I was thinking about stuff.

Now I am so tired. Okay I must fight to sleep now. It's me vs. going to sleep! Who will win in the battle for the wear & tear of my internal organs, daily functionality & general mood? Stay tuned!

Speaking of loud neighbors, my neighbors are a Christian halfway house. I hear them singing & praying all the time. They ring the food bell in the morning & at meal times. I don't mind. Yesterday I got a phone call & I was walking to my mailbox & through the gate I hear this little boombox start blasting this Black Speed Metal sounding music, so I said on the phone "Whoa awesome! My neighbors are a Christian halfway house & they just started blast--" then I saw the outline of a person on the other side of the fence & I went quiet. Discreetly, I tried to get closer to the Death Metal & before I could think to hope my voice hadn't carried, I heard a voice say "That ain't no Christian sounding music!" I was totally busted referring to the Christian halfway house as a Christian halfway house. Even if that's what it's called I still felt like I was going to get in trouble for calling it that. "Actually that's a Christian band, not my type of music though," he said. I quickly latched on to that topic & made it all about the music, "Hmmph! Wonder what they're singin' about!?" (interested-interested-interested so so interested!) The person on the phone was like "You got busted!"

"RALRRLR RORR ROOOH HRERUGHH RUGH RUGHHH!!!!" = "Praise his name, he died for our sins!"

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