Friday, November 7, 2014

Alligator Eat Adventures

The Alligator wanted to go eat some stuff. He was hungry.

"Anybody else hungry?" said Alligator.
"I'm always hungry." said Anothergator.
"Let's go find some food." said Alligator.

They went waddling around. Alligator and Anothergator were buddies. They had lots of good talks about food. They both loved to eat.

"Hey, I think there are some snails over there, let's eat those." said Anothergator.
"Hi." said a slow snail.
"Hey, we are going to eat you." said Alligator.
"Oh no, don't eat me." said the snail.
"We are definitely going to. Do you have any friends we can eat too?" said Anothergator.
"Yes, I have lots of friends. Eat them not me." pled the snail.
"Okay," said Anothergator.
"Where are you friends?" asked Alligator.
"Up the river!" pointed snail.
"Can't believe you sold your friends up the river, what a jerk." said Alligator
"Yeah. And we are real hungry, just so you know." said Anothergator, with contempt.

Alli and Other, the gators on the go, went up the river as the snail suggested. They didn't find any other snails. They'd been had. That little snail was a lying manipulative snake of a snail. The gators had been tricked and they were pissed. Then they happened upon a worm.

"Hey worm, we're gonna eat you!" they said.
The worm was dumb and had no brains or anything to say. They ate the worm. The worm didn't mind.

"I'm still hungry!" said Alligator.
"Me too." said Anothergator.

Then they found a bunch of flies and beetles hanging out. They ate all of those and were stuffed. What a meal! Then they found some families and schools of fish to eat.

"I'm hungry again." said Anothergator, right after.
"I am too." said Alligator. 

These guys were mostly just into eating and would forget when they were full.

"Hey, did you hear Frank the Alligator once ate a person?" said Alligator.
"No way, is that true?" said Anothergator.
"That's what I heard." said Alligator.
"That's crazy. I kind of want to eat a person." said Anothergator.
"Let's find him and ask him if it's true." said Alli.

Frank the Alligator was a reclusive gator. They went and found Frank. He was quiet, mysterious, and kept to himself.

"Hey Frank, is it true you once ate a person?!" asked Anothergator.
Frank took a puff of a cigarette, exhaled the smoke and muttered under his breath, "Yeah, and I'll eat you too, if you don't get outta my face." Then he looked away.
Alli and Other were scared.
"Do we even do that?" whispered Alli to Other.
"Do what?" whispered Other.
"Eat each other?" asked Alli, nervously.
"I don't know, but I don't wanna stay to find out. Let's go!"

They beat it fast. Next they went to the Louisiana bayou and got captured and eaten by people, their feet were chopped off and thrown in a special spicy stew. Their flavor was fueled by all the snails, worms, fish, and crustaceans they'd eaten. Locals and open minded tourists alike enjoyed the stew.

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