Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Robots In Charge

The Robots came and started helping people do everything and then they got really smart. They got so smart they outsmarted all the people and started running everything. Only a few people had a problem with it.

The Robots outsmarting people was such a slow and smooth transition that most people actually enjoyed it. It made things easier for them, they claimed. First Robots were like "I can help make this process easier." People thought it was nice and cool and actually paid the Robots money to let them run their lives.

Some people donated their human flesh and tissue to Robots, so Robots could look more like people and make it easier on people who didn't like people, but wanted a Robot who looked like a person. They would also have sex with that person-looking Robot. The Robots didn't complain. Hard to tell who was more in control.

Eventually people didn't have to donate their flesh to attach onto Robots. They could donate their stem cells, and flesh and organs could be grown and taped on. People had to donate their stem cells in order for this. Even more eventually the stem cells were just taken, not donated.

Robots were able to access lots of information about most anything, and quickly, without learning it. It was already documented on a vast database they could share between them. People were jealous because they had to learn.

Robots offered an information stick were people could trade the information Robots had access to. Some people wanted to become Robots. Robots eventually offered implanting these devices in human baby brains at baby birth. This made it easier for humans to see the information Robots saw without having to learn it. Eventually these baby implants were mandatory.

One guy named Jerry plotted to go back in time to kill the inventor of Robots and save humanity.

The inventor of Robots was Squirty, who got shoved around by Beefboy and Mutthead. Beefboy and Mutthead were good at throwing a ball to each other. Everyone thought they were the coolest because of their ball throwing skills.

Squirty always isolated himself in his room. He plotted to invent Robots as revenge. He knew it was a lot to take on and he'd have to spend a lot of time on it.

It took a couple of hundred years but Beefboy and Mutthead turned into the biggest laughing stock losers around. And Squirty was a hero because he invented Robots.

Anyway back to Jerry, who is plotting to go back and kill Squirty with a time machine. He had a time machine building plan, but because you couldn't do anything today mechanically, without using Robots, and without Robots knowing about it, Robots easily found out about the time travel, and the plot to kill the inventor of Robots. Robots were everywhere. These Robots had sophisticated algorithms programmed in them that simulated worry and fear. So they got worried and took action against Jerry.

Robots went back in time to kill Jerry. They weren't concerned about the course of their actions because they have no real feelings, so those Robots really messed everything up.

Jerry died, the time machine went to all these places that shouldn't have been messed with, Robots got dropped off everywhere, the wrong people got born, somehow another Jerry showed up, the Robots were like "We thought you were dead!" Jerry explained it but it was confusing, people started mutating, Robots went back in time earlier and because they had those stem cell grown organs they could impregnate people and the people would grow into Robots.

The Robots went and gave birth to babies and bread them make more Robots. They even gave birth to Squirty. Squirty was actually a Robot all along. It was just a big time loop and the Robots kept going back and giving birth to Squirty so they could be invented again, insuring their survival.

Maybe they were from another planet. Maybe Jerry was even a Robot and the whole thing was like a fun dance. Hard to say.

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