Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Sneaky Monster

The Sneaky Monster came and scared the kid at night.
"Wahhhh" cried the kid.

The Sneaky Monster scared many kids.
"Haw haw haw haw!" he laughed.

The Sneaky Monster kept scaring kids until the kids, parents, and everyone just decided it would be best to ignore the Sneaky Monster.

Kids and folks went about their business. They'd play and eat and run around and be polite to people like nice kids do. One time the kids were playing at a playhouse. Sneaky Monster came around.

"Rahhh!" he said.

The kids kept playing. They didn't really pay him much mind. One kid, who was pretending to be a Notary, when the kids were playing Notary Public, had to walk to his table to get his imaginary stamp ink pad. The Sneaky Monster was standing in the way going "Rahhhh!" and the kid just walked around him, grabbed his imaginary ink pad, and went back to notarizing imaginary documents with the other kids.

Sneaky Monster didn't know what to do. He started coming around and just hanging out, but he would still get ignored. One time the kids were playing Customer Service and the Sneaky Monster tried to return an imaginary product but the kid pretending to be the main customer service representative just said "Next in line please." and the other kids passed Sneaky Monster by.

"Anybody wanna play DMV?" asked Sneaky Monster, "I'll be the DMV Lady!" he said.
None of the kids responded to him.

The Sneaky Monster was feeling left out that no one was including him in their fun time.
"Hey why's everyone seem to not like me? That don't seem fair." said the Sneaky Monster.
Everyone ignored The Sneaky Monster.
"Hey you guys! You guys act like you don't even care about me!"
Everyone ignored Sneaky Monster more.
"Hey! I really mean it this time! Why you all give me the cold shoulder!?"
"Because you scared us all, you jerk!" said kids.
"What, no I didn't!" said Sneaky.
"Fine. I'm not going to argue with you about whether you scared us or not. I've got newspapers to deliver!" said one kid, then he went back to playing Newspaper Carrier.

The Sneaky Monster got all huffy and puffy. Sneaky Monster thought because people stopped acknowledging that he was being sneaky and scary that maybe they forgot and he wouldn't have to deal with his behavior or apologize. He was real indignant about it.

The Sneaky Monster went and found some more kids to scare and the other kids went about their lives having learned a valuable lesson to avoid Sneaky Monster types.

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