Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Big Detective Murder Case

Detective Fakes and Detective Bender were investigating a murder. Someone had died and they had to figure out who did it. The looked for clues around the crime scene. Upon looking all around the crime scene it seemed they had some clues.

The murderer had left the clues behind. Detective Bender was a real good trained detective.
"We should check out this clue and follow it." he said.
"That sounds like a good plan." said Fakes.
"We should check out the other clues and follow them too." said Bender.
"I would do the same thing." said Fakes.

The detectives had forensics specialists analyze the data. When the data came back, all the clues pointed in the direction of a bad guy.

Detectives Fakes and Bender knew they had to find the bad guy, so they looked up addresses that were listed under his name. There was only one. They went there.

The detectives approached the suspect's address cautiously. They were prepared for anything. The premises were surrounded by other cops in case the bad guy tried to flee.

The Detectives knocked on the door. The suspect answered. He was the guy they were looking for. Fakes and Bender arrested him. He didn't put up a fight.

They took him to the station and told him all the evidence they had that he did the murder.

"That's a lot of strong evidence. I guess I was pretty sloppy this time." said the suspect.
"This time?" said Fakes.
"I mean..." said the suspect.
"You mean to say you did other murders?" said Bender.
"You got me. Man I really slipped up twice." said the suspect.
"Definitely." said Fakes.
"I shouldn't have said 'this time'." said the suspect.

The bad guy confessed to the murder and some other murders. He went to prison for murder. Justice was swift and everything was nice and tidy. It was sad those people got murdered but the detectives were happy they caught the bad guy. There wasn't much action after that.

The next day at work Detective Fakes brought in a couple of sandwiches for Detective Bender and he. They had a great dressing on them that gave them a unique flavor. They ate the sandwiches and waited for another murder to happen.

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