Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Best Booty in Miami 1998

It was Miami, 1998. The booty bass was really booming in a great way. Shay-Shay had the best booty and shaked it better than anyone else. Muffy-Poo had the second best booty and she shaked it great, but not as good at Shay-Shay.

"You have great technique at moving your booty around." said Muffy-Poo.
"Thank you. You are pretty good but still have much to learn, my friend." said Shay-Shay.

Muffy-Poo had a real big crush on a cool guy who walked nice, named ill-Virus. ill-Virus was a cool guy who had a big crush on Shay-Shay. Muffy-Poo vied for ill-Virus's attention. But it didn't work.
"Hey Shay-Shay, I love your booty, would you like to go on a date with me?" said ill-Virus.
"ill-Virus, I think you are wack, ha ha. Sorry." said Shay-Shay.

ill-Virus was so sad. Muffy-Poo walked up to him, while he was looking off in the distance with heartbreak in his eyes.
"Hey ill-Virus, I think you are a great and handsome fellow. Want to take me on date?" said Muffy-Poo.

ill-Virus decided to take Muffy-Poo on a date, they listened to loud booty bass in ill-Virus's convertible. Muffy-Poo tried her best to show ill-Virus that she could groove. They went to a nice restaurant and ate crab legs. ill-Virus wore his coolest hat backwards.

Afterwards Muffy-Poo and ill-Virus went home and made nice love. Muffy-Poo was happy about it. She went and told everyone she made love with ill-Virus.

Next week Shay-Shay caught wind of their great date and lovemaking. Shay-Shay rang up ill-Virus.
"Hey baby, I always thought you were cute. Want to feed me some crab legs? Don't forget about my booty."
"That sounds great, how could I forget that booty? It's the best booty in Miami."

Shay-Shay went and made love to ill-Virus. The next day Muffy-Poo called up ill-Virus.
"Hey sweetheart, it's me Muffy-Poo. When's our next date?"
"Sorry there will be no more dates. I have the sweetheart that I wanted all along." said ill-Virus. Then he got off the phone.

Naturally, Muffy-Poo was devastated and heartbroken. ill-Virus excitedly rang up Shay-Shay to ask her if she'd be interested in going out and shaking her booty in his face that night.
"Ha ha ha, sorry sucker. But I like to leave 'em and deceive 'em. Click!" said Shay-Shay, then she hung up the phone. After she had said the word "Click".

ill-Virus then rang up Muffy-Poo. 
"Hey pretty thing, are we gonna go out and watch your booty shake tonight?" asked ill-Virus with faux-confidence.
"What?!" said Muffy-Poo incredulously, "You and everyone else in this town may think I'm second best, but I know in my heart I'm the primest piece of meat in the street. So you better check yourself. See ya, wouldn't want to be you. And I respect myself because I'm worth more than that! Click!"

Then Muffy-Poo hung up and dialed Shay-Shay.
"Hi there." answered Shay-Shay.
"Shay-Shay, it's Muffy-Poo. I just want to say thank you for pointing out to me that ill-Virus is a piece of trash. Secondly, I want to say that you are a piece of trash and I wouldn't do to you what you did to me simply because you could. You are a tramp and you don't respect yourself." Muffy-Poo hung up and smiled to herself, proud of her discovery.

Then Muffy-Poo went to the big booty-shaking club parking lot and shaked her butt so hard that it sweated all over all the fawning men like a bunch of hungry dogs being spritzed with water on a hot day.

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