Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Ultimate Teamwork

One day a many big rocks fell from the sky and landed in front of the secret building out in the middle of nowhere. People would go to the secret building to get certain projects done.

Smartypants was working in the secret building that day. So was Muscleman. So the rocks fell just as Muscleman and Smartypants were reaching for the door handle to open and go inside.

"After you." said Muscleman.
"Oh you're very nice." said Smartypants.
"This door is heavy." said Muscleman
"Oh I'm sorry." said Smartypants.
"I'm just kidding, I could hold it all day."
"Oh hehe, that's funny." said Smartypants.

The two of them shared a moment as Muscleman held the door. They smiled at each other. That's when the rocks fell.

One rock fell and bopped Smartypants in the head. He fell down and held his head in pain. Another rock fell and knocked Muscleman to the ground. Then more rocks fell and blocked the doorway. Then even more rocks fell and covered Muscleman's body. It all happened so fast and his reflexes were slow because of the first initial fall he took.

Smartypants came to and stood up, his head still in pain.
"Oh no!" he said, as he looked to the ground. There was a giant pile of rocks completely pinning Muscleman to the ground. And blocking the door.
"I'm stuck." said Muscleman.
"My head hurts." said Smartypants.
"We've got to figure out a way out of this pickle." said Muscleman.
"Normally I'd have lots of smart ideas, but my head hurts." said Smartypants.
"Normally I'd muscle these rocks out of the way, but I'm stuck and don't know much beyond muscles!" said Muscleman.

Muscleman and Smartypants were in a situation where they had to work together. Only Muscleman was hurt so he had to use his brain and Smartypants had a headache so he had to use his limited muscles!

Muscleman would have to think of a plan while Smartypants would have to execute the heavy lifting.
Smartypants starting taking one rock off at a time because he was weak muscled. It was taking a long time.

"Hey Smartypants! I think there's a back entrance." said Muscleman.
"Oh yeah I forgot! Good thinkin', but how will I get in?" asked Smartypants.
"Think you can open the door?"
"I'll try."
"Hey wait I got another idea!"
"What is it, Muscleman?"
"When you get inside immediately to the right is my locker room. The locker has no combination because I'm bad at memorizing so just open the locker with my name on it and grab the big bottle of muscle oil!"
"Okay!" said Smartypants.

Muscleman didn't know about much, but he knew about muscle oil and all things muscle. So his expertise in this area was paying off, given Smartypants' temporary head handicap. Smartypants lumbered his way into the back and got the muscle oil. Muscleman told him to pour it into the rocks so it would oil everything up and he'd be able to slip and slide right out from under those rocks.

"Great idea!" said Smartypants.

Smartypants poured all the oil on the rocks and oiled up Muscleman's neck. The plan seemed like a great idea but it didn't work. They were stuck there for a while.

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