Monday, November 3, 2014

Janice Treats Herself

Janice was empty so she needed to get some eats to fill herself up. She walked to the store. On the way to the store she looked at her foot. Every time she put it in front of the other foot, the other foot would step forward again. She couldn't seem to keep it as the leading foot. She kept trying all the way into the street.

"Errrrr!" said a screeching car that screeched to keep from hitting her.
"Watch out you dummy!" shouted the car screeching guy.
Janice looked up and her mouth drooped open a little.

She walked into the store and sniffed around to see what would be right for her. She made her way to the stuff bag aisle. She looked at the bags of things to eat. She picked a bag of pieces. She liked pieces, because she could eat one at a time and they would make a crunch noise. Crunch noises were fun to make because when she made them with her teeth it felt like she was crushing little tiny people who had laid in the sun for a long time and gotten crispy. Or maybe tiny people made of little burnt sticks.

Janice walked toward the register to give the pay paper that made it okay to eat the bagged pieces. On the way to the register she spotted a jar of yellow. Yellow was perfect for dipping pieces in.

"Mmm that yellow would go good with these pieces." said Janice.

Yellow was her favorite flavor. Janice paid for the jar of yellow and bag of pieces. She could not wait to dip each eat piece into the yellow and eat. On the way home she saw a big sign with a pretty lady picture on it. 

"Be beautiful." said the sign.
"Oh I want to be beautiful." said Janice.

Janice went home and ate all her yellow. She woke up the next morning and felt terrible, but didn't know why. She walked outside and saw the sign again telling her to be beautiful, so she walked to Judy's Beauty Salon.

"Hi I'm Judy." said Judy.
"Hi Judy, I'm Janice, I want to be beautiful." said Janice.
"It is my duty to make you a beauty." said Judy.

Judy put a ton of paint on Janice's face and made her hair look real big. 
"What ever you do don't mess with this paint and hair."
"Okay." said Janice.
"When the tall hair falls down and you become ugly, come back and I will make you beautiful again for money." said Judy.
"Thank you." said Janice.

Janice walked down the street with her big tall hair and lots of paint on her face. A fly was flying when she was walking and got stuck in her wet paint face.

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