Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Burn of the Blurter

Greasy Vinny had a big mouth and talk talk talked all the time. He was a blurter for sure. As soon as his thoughts and great ideas were into his brain he was opening his mouth to expel them everywhere. He couldn't keep em in. You'd think his thoughts were like hot thoughts. Hot and burning. And the only way to get those hot thoughts out would be to say them! And if for some reason he wasn't able to get his thoughts out, they'd get lost in the deep crevasses of his brain. And he'd have to search for them.

"Wait... wait... damnit... wah was I gonna say, fuh cryin' out loud?" Greasy Vinny would say, frustrated.
"I don't know Vinny, maybe it wasn't important." said Stewy Louie.
"No no ya gotta hear it!" said Greasy Vinny.
Then he remembered it and said it and it wasn't that great.

The biggest problem with Greasy Vinny's blurting thoughts were that they were always about him.

One time Stewy Louie was talking about mushroom stew. He was telling a bunch of people about it. Greasy Vinny was one of them. It was Stewy Louie's time to shine. Stewy Louie was holding court. The friends were all riveted with what Stewy Louie had to say about mushroom stew.
"...And then the stew will start to bubble cuz the water's so hot," said Stewy Louie.
"Wow keep goin!" said one friend.
"I'm captivated." said another friend.
Then all of the sudden Greasy Vinny chimed in, "Hey let me tell you about one time I made a mushroom risotto, for a beautiful woman, from my Gramma's recip--"
"Shhhh!" said the group of friends to Greasy Vinny, "Please continue, Stewy Louie." they said.

Stewy Louie continued his captivating talk of mushroom stew. The friends ate it up like yum chowder. Except Greasy Vinny. Greasy Vinny sat there, in his thinking and pondering, trying to understand why they didn't want to hear about what the mushroom stew talk had reminded him of. Vinny was baffled. He stood there holding his breath, standing on his toes, and staring at Stewy Louie's chattering mouth and lung-expanded chest, anticipating when the mouth would stop and the chest would exhale, so he could jump right in with his risotto story. To Vinny's chagrin, as soon as Louie took a talk break and Vinny prepared to blurt the blurt he'd been holding in, the crowd burst into laughter and emotion from the punchline and conclusion of Louie's story. The laughter and cheer drowned out Vinny voice. No one noticed he was trying to get his word in.

The worst part was Greasy Vinny was left out of the joy of the punchline, because he'd spent too much time listening to the thoughts in his head during the story, rather than Stewy Louie's story.

Then Tough Susan started talking right away about how great Louie's mushroom stew story was. Greasy Vinny was lost in the conversation. He'd also missed his chance to have the floor. Tough Susan was off and running with her opinion and she was a hard person to interrupt.

Greasy Vinny started getting stressed out. He didn't know what the group was talking about, they didn't want to hear what he was trying to talk about. He had no good ideas for how to usurp everyone's attention. His chest hurt. He was becoming short of breath. He couldn't figure out a way to hear his voice over everyone. He was really stressing out. Then he just stopped. Exhaled. Looked at Tough Susan talking, and thought, "Well, maybe I'll just listen and not say anything for a minute."

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