Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One of Those Nights

Kippy was all set to meet his friends at the place. Everyone knew where to go and the time to be there. Kippy was invited as well.

Kippy took a shower and the water was real thick so the water came out of the shower head in slow motion. It was also very hard to scrub the day-dirt and natural human stink off of himself. The water was hard to wipe off too because it was so thick.

Next, he had to brush his teeth but every time he'd bring his toothbrush to his mouth it would bend backwards. Like if you had to brush your teeth with a noodle. Not a very sturdy toothbrush.

Other things gave Kippy difficulty too. His blow dryer coughed and wheezed like an old man in the middle of the night. His shirt played tug of war with him when he tried to pull it from the drawer.

You could say Kippy was having a difficult time getting ready. By this time, he was running late. He assumed he was missing all the gathering action. He hadn't heard from his friends, so he was about to give up.

"They probably won't notice I'm not there." he said.
Then his phone rang.
"Kippy, it's your friends!"
"Hi friends."
"We noticed you're missing, you coming?"
"I was going to, but I probably missed the fun."
"No, it's barely started, you should come out!"
"Okay I will!" said Kippy.

Kippy had a new lease on the night. His difficult ready time was not a deterrent from the fun he was sure to have with his friends. He was about to have fun socializing.

Kippy reached for the door knob. His palm was very sweaty, so he wiped it on his pant leg. This made his pant leg damp, he tried to blow dry it, but the blowdryer just coughed again. He reached back for the door and his hand was sweaty again, so he couldn't turn the knob. He wiped it again, on his butt, now his butt was wet. He used his other hand, but it was sweaty too. He wiped that hand on his other leg. His pants were getting pretty damp at this point. He used his shirt tail to turn the knob so his grip wouldn't slip, but the knob was stuck. He pulled at the door. He tugged at the door. It wouldn't open.

"Quit pulling on me." said the door.
"I'm trying to get out." said Kippy.
"Don't go." said the door.
"I want to." said Kippy.
"Why?" asked the door.
"My friends are expecting me." said Kippy.
"The door is open, then." said the door.

But the door was lying. Kippy banged and pounded and kicked and yanked at the door. It wouldn't budge.

"You should just stay in." said the door.
"I want to go out!" shouted Kippy.
"The door was just open, you had every opportunity." said the door.
"Liar!" said Kippy.
"Might as well sit down and do nothing. Those guys were just being nice when they invited you out." said the door.
"Okay." said Kippy. Then he sat down in his wet pants and did nothing.

Kippy saw a friend the next week.
"Hey Kippy where were you that one night?" said the friend.
"Oh, I just couldn't get out of the house." said Kippy.

Then a robber showed up and said "Gimme your money!" and a girl ran over and lifted up her shirt to try to get a reaction, on a dare from her friend hiding fifty feet away. Then Kippy, Kippy's friend, and the robber were like, "Whoa, didn't see that comin'!" Then an earthquake happened that sent a vibration to where the four of them stood, cracking the ground, and springing them in all different directions. They all survived with minimal injuries and walked away with good stories to tell.

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