Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Rumor with a View

"I'm going to expose the cult!" said Sneaky Pete Tarkin of the Expose Times. He was a reporter. He went to a small town that was supposed to have a cult.

"Love yourself and one another!" said Saddles Bibbler, the preacher man of the tiny town purported to have a cult.

There were lots of pretty town daughters walking around.

Sneaky Pete blew into town. He walked into the corner store.
"Hi I'm Mabel!" said the nice lady working.
"Hey there, I'm Sneaky Pete..."
"Well, top of the day!" said Mabel.
"I'm lookin' for the scoop on the cult..." said Pete.
"Well golly, I don't know the scoop about any cult, but we could give you a scoop of ice cream." said Mabel with a smile.

"Well that sounds great, maybe later." said Pete.

Pete hopped and popped around. He dug around, hid in bushes. He went to the hardware store lookin' for info about the cult. A man with a hammer told him the place for prayer was the town church.

He attended the Sunday service. Saddles Bibbler, spoke with great kindness.
"...And remember to be nice!" said Saddles.
Everyone applauded.

After the service Sneaky Pete snuck over to chat with Saddles Bibbler.
"Say, Mr. Bibbler,"
"Why yes, my human brother,"
"Nice sermon."
"Why thank you."
"Everyone here seems nice."
"Meet my pretty young daughter Audrey Bibbler. And her young friend, Judith Miracles."
"Come with us for some post service snacks." the pretty young girls said to Pete.

They took his hands. Pete was excited because these young girls were pretty. The girls had soft hands. This was comforting to Pete.

They took Pete to a room where the congregation convened and socialized. Pete enjoyed a pig in a blanket. The other snacks were delicious too.

"Well I've got to tell you," said Pete to a local, "I don't see what's wrong with this town. In fact, my expose is going to be about how wonderful it is here.
"Well you are welcome any time." said the local.
"Yes, please consider yourself at a peaceful place here." chimed in Saddles Bibbler.
"In fact, if you think it'd be easier to write your article in a serene environment, feel free to stay in my departed wife's study." said Ted Roast, the local hammock maker.

Sneaky Pete thought that sounded wonderful. He stayed a little longer and wrote his expose. It came out the following Sunday, and he stayed through it's publication. When the story came out the town was very pleased. They thanked him and congratulated him on his fine writing. He felt very satisfied. He had pegged them all wrong and decided that rumors were a nasty thing to believe. He'd found a happy new home away from home.

The next morning he awoke in his guest room to find the two young girls, Audrey and Judith, standing before his bed. They were completely nude. Their young beautiful bodies took Sneaky Pete by surprise. The nice young girls lead him to the back yard where he was sacrificed and never heard from again.

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