Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Vigorous Hunt for Snood Butts

Detective Priss Biggle was on the case of finding Snood Butts. Snood was a bad guy who was out to trouble make. "Heheheh." said Snood real bad.

Luckily, Snood was got sloppy and left a trail of clues all over the city.

Priss didn't see these most recent set of clues, but he had a tough gut, and followed his instincts. Priss's instincts lead him to the Bridgewater 7, a movie theater. To find see the new movie with his favorite handsome star Chett Hotler. This one was supposed to be an action turn for Chett, who usually did dramas, thrillers, and an appearance in a silly comedy called "Mean Supervisors", which was about three silly, but funny, and also handsome white guys who kill their mean boss and are scared of gay people, it was a hilarious hit. But this new action genre turn for Chett, titled "Maximum Crispness", looked cool, and also featured the very hot actress, Kraley Suspo, she was beautiful, and there was expected to be a tiny bit of brief nudity on her part. Detective Priss was very excited about the movie and just had to check and see if maybe Snood showed up to see it. He had a real hunch.

Meanwhile, badboy Snood went to Speakman Bank on 1st and Elgin to rob it.
"Gimme all the fucking money. I want all of it." said Snood and his best Goon, who held a sharp knife.

Meanwhile, back over at the Bridgewater 7, Det. Biggle ate handfuls of popcorn. He didn't usually get buttered popcorn, but he was so excited about this movie that he dubbed it a special occasion. Also getting butter was kind of like being undercover, since he didn't usually get butter.

Back at the bank, Snood Butts shoveled all the money they could in four bags, while his Goon held a knife to to a lady's breast.

Then back in the movie theater, Det. Biggle watched a cool fight scene, he had read in an interview that Chett Hotler learned a little bit of Tae Kwon Do for his role, and did a couple of his own stunts. Det. Biggle paused from eating his popcorn and watching to glance from side to side around the theatre from his seat. No sign of Snood Butts.
"Freeze, Scumbag!" said Chett's character from the movie screen.

Finally, back at the bank, Snood and his Goon were making a run for it with their bags full of money, without interference from any Chett Hotler types. Just as they were leaving the cops rolled up, having chased Snood's trail of clues, and fired a shot at the Goon. Goon took one in the back, but they managed to make it to their getaway car, which drove them to a helicopter, which flew Goon and Snood to Costa Rica where a shady unshaven doctor named Remulade removed the bullet and they dined for years in anonymity, with exotic women and tropical drinks at their side.

Det. Priss Biggle started ordering butter on all subsequent movie theater visits, and remained very enthusiastic for the next Chett Hotler vehicle.

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