Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friendship at a Nervous Party

Grenda went to the nice party she cared about. She wore her favorite dress that had a flower pattern on it. The rest of it was white, and the flower was green. Are there green flowers? Well there was on this dress.
"Your dress is pretty." said Danielle, who also had a pretty dress.
Danielle was hoping for a compliment back.
"Oh... thank you." said Grenda.

Danielle hung on the silence with her eyes open, staring, not blinking, eager to say thank you to a counter-compliment. Grenda stiffened her nasal-labial folds, those are the creases in the face beside the nostril holes and mouth corners, in case you didn't know what those were. Grenda was unaware she was doing this with her face. She thought she was masking her social discomfort with a natural looking expression. Danielle could tell that she'd made Grenda uncomfortable with her compliment expectations. Danielle immediately retreated to a feeling of shame, her face made an expression that conveyed discomfort. She shriveled and shrank. Grenda noticed.
"Um... I better go eat a piece of cheese." said Danielle, and she quickly ran to the snack table and ate cheese pieces to shut the worry in her brain off.

Grenda watched Danielle walk away, but assumed Danielle's exit had more to do with Grenda's social anxiety, and less to do with Danielle's discomfort. In fact, Grenda had no idea Danielle had any discomfort.
"See ya..." mumbled Grenda.
Grenda looked down in embarrassment. Then she spotted a stain on her dress. It was from some dip she ate earlier. At the cheese table.

Grenda was mortified. She immediately became suspicious that when Danielle complimented her dress, she was actually being sarcastic and making fun of her. The thought of being made fun of caused Grenda to furrow her brow. She didn't like the idea of being made fun of. Just then, Grenda decided to move in a new life direction. Grenda marched up to Danielle, who was nervous shoveling cheese into her mouth.

"Hey." said Grenda.
"Gasp, hi, you startled me." said Danielle, with a mouth full of cheese.
"Did you see I have a stain? On my dress?" blurted out Grenda.
Danielle looked at the stain, surprised.
"So you do." said Danielle.
"Were you making fun of me?" asked Grenda.
"No, no. I really like the dress. It's pretty." said Danielle.
"Why'd you run away from me? I thought it was because you couldn't contain your laughter after sarcastically complimenting my dress." said Grenda, her voice cracking.
"No," responded Danielle,  "I ran away because I hoped you'd compliment my dress. And you didn't..."
"Oh." said Grenda.
"Yeah." said Danielle.

They both looked down and frowned.
"I'm so sorry. I was only thinking of myself..." said Grenda, as Danielle looked up, "I actually really love your dress. Maybe we could become nice friends and I could borrow it sometime?" Grenda suggested.
"As long as you're not just being my friend to borrow the dress..."
"That's such a negative place to immediately go." said Grenda.
"I know, you're right." said Danielle.
"We sure are being honest with each other." said Grenda
"Yeah, it's because of the alcohol we had, probably." said Danielle, a bit tipsy.
"This is a really nice cheese table, huh?" noticed Grenda, changing the subject.
"Let's eat more cheese!" said Danielle.
"Yeah!" They cheered.

They ate so much cheese they got sick, but happy-sick. Everyone at the party was like, "Damn those girls ate all the cheese!"

They ate tons of cheese. Then they balanced out all the cheese eating by getting really drunk and becoming good friends.

They made plans to stay good friends. But the technology collapse of 2017 happened a week later and they had no idea how to get in touch with each other. Cellphones and computers stopped working and became obsolete, and they were so enjoying their openness with one another they never got around to discussing their day jobs.

Grenda and Danielle both hoped they'd meet each other again, because of their positive experience. They didn't. But they always remembered each other's affect on the other. The major life changing risks they took that night would serve them in situations throughout their lives.

Danielle had a son and named him Grenda, as a tribute. Grenda had a bowl of cheese. She ate the whole thing in one sitting.

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