Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sweaty Donald Sees a Doc

Sweaty Donald kept having sweaty dreams where his teeth would fall out. He told people and a person said "That means you think you're losing control. Maybe you should see a specialist about it if it keeps happening."

Sweaty Donald decided that was what he needed to do. He went to his dentist, Dr. Pud Malphus DDS. Donald walked in on Pud with his finger in a lady's mouth.

"Pud! My teeth are falling out every night!" exclaimed Sweaty Donald, as he dribbled sweat. The sweatiness made him seem more nervous than he actually was. Even though he was generally a nervous guy.
"Oh, well you've come to the right guy! And please, call me Doctor." said the dentist.
"It happens in my head!"
"Your teeth are in your head, I know. Sit down, you've come to the right guy."
"It happens when I sleep!"
"Oh, you got to be careful you don't swallow 'em, but hey, you've come to the right guy!"
"They are always back when I wake up."
"Oh, I misunderstood, you've come to the wrong guy."
"Why so?"
"I deal with teeth in your head, not teeth in your thoughts. You got to go to a thought doctor."
"Oh, well are my teeth gonna fall out for real?"
"I doubt it, but hey I got to keep putting my finger in this lady's mouth Let's hang out soon."
"Hi." said the lady with Pud's finger in her mouth.

Sweaty Donald went to the thought doctor.
"Hi I'm Dr. Gun Swiggins, thought doctor." he said.
"Hi do I get to lay on your couch?" said Sweaty Donald.
"Yes, but next time I should bring a towel hehe." said Gun.
"You hurt my feelings for making fun of my sweat."
"Oh, I'm sorry, you know I specialize in feelings, so I shouldn't have done that."
"What does it mean that I lose my teeth in my sleep time thoughts?"
"It means you're losing control." said Dr. Gun.
"That's what everyone else told me."
"Great! Time's up, that will be money, please."
"You're good at this." said Sweaty Donald.

Next week Sweaty Donald went back to Dr. Gun Swiggins.
"I'm still having the teeth dreams."
"I bet it's cuz your mom," said Dr. Gun.
"Your mom!" said Donald, defensively.
 "You wish you could have sex with her since you were a little kid and because you can't you feel like you're losing control of everything." said Dr. Gun.
"You wish you could have sex with your mom!" said Donald.

That night Sweaty Donald went to his mom, Slushy Barbara's house.
"Hey Momma, a doctor said I wanted to have sex with you."
Just then, Sweaty Donald's dad, Dry Harry, burst in, "She's mine, punk, get one of your own!" he said.

"I tried to have sex with my mom and she and my dad wouldn't let me." said Donald to Dr. Gun.
"Hmm... want some drugs to make your brain stop working?"
"No drugs are bad."
"Yeah don't do 'em." said the doc.

That night Sweaty Donald was sitting there sweating. Then POP! He had idea.

Sweaty Donald went to the creaky tool shed and dug for a hammer. He found a real good one and knocked all his teeth out. He never had a dream about losing his teeth again, only dreams about having teeth, which weren't so bad to have, since he didn't have any teeth.

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