Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Wacky Living Situation

Grumpo Dingboat was a grumpity curmudgeon with a furrowed brow.
"Mehh." he said, and "Hmmphh." he'd say, and "Pftt!" he'd go.

Winky Hapster was a happy chirpy guy who was easy to please and liked it all.
"Ooh lovely!" he'd say, and "You look wonderful!' he'd go, and "Feelin' great!" he'd declare.

Well they were friends, Winky and Grumpo. And one day they got in a situation, because of finances, wives leaving, and a person dying, and a confusing clause in a will, and strange unheard of stipulation in a city ordinance of the land where the building resided, of the lease they'd just signed, where they had to live together!

"Well guess we are stuck living together!" said chipper Winky.
"Mehh." said Grumpo.
"We'll have to make the most of it!"
"Pfft!" said Grumpo.
"Let me know if you need anything."
"Hmmphh." said Grumpo. Grumpo wasn't a mean guy or an asshole he just spoke in grumbles and groans. Winky and Grumpo knew each other well so they had a short hand.

One day they were eating food together that Winky made, because Winky was nice, and he loved to cook. Grumpo had had a long day at work. They ate the food together. Grumpo sat quietly. Winky rambled.
"And this man was so sweet, so I was sweet back. Then he held the door. Then a woman walked through and I held the door for her. I winked at her. Then I saw another nice man and we shook hands," continued Winky. "So the next day I brought that man a zucchini bread, I made sure it was moist enough to give out! Hey did I tell you I love my cousin who is a physical therapist?"
"Mehhh." said Grumpo, as he shoveled Winky's food in his mouth.

Winky and Grumpo seemed to have nothing in common. Sometimes Grumpo would make a mess and Winky would politely and happily clean it up. They were what you might call and an Odd Pairing! But their living situation worked very easily.

One time Winky and Grumpo were walking down the street together as friends. A nosey man they knew stopped them.
"Hey Winky and Grumpo, I hear you guys live together, that must get pretty tense, you guys are quite different, huh?
"No, we actually have a great living situation, we get along, enjoy each other's company and everything!" said Winky.
"Oh. I would have thought because you guys are different that maybe you don't get along."
"I see how you could think that, but we get along very well!" said Winky.
"Okay. Well, see you." said nosey guy.

So a couple of years later the thing that made it so they had to live together ended, and they moved out. They stayed friends but didn't see each other as much.

One time they were both walking down the street, ran into each other, and started chatting.
"Grumpo, everything is going great with me and I'm feeling great today. What about you?"
"Pffft. Mehh.." said Grumpo.
"Well let me tell you more! Bla bla bla." said Winky with much enthusiasm.
Just then, the nosey guy from before ran up and interrupted them, "Hey Winky and Grumpo! I heard you two don't live together any more! Did you guys have a falling out?"
"Nopey we sure didn't." said a happy Winky.
"Oh," said the nosey man, "well I heard you guys got along real well, even though it seemed like you wouldn't get along."
"Yes that's true."
"Did you find that once you separated that your lives felt like they were missing something and you were longing for each other?" asked the nosey man.
"No, everything is fine for both of us!" said Winky.
"Oh I see..." said the nosey man.
"Hmmphh." said Grumpo
"Well you guys still seemed like a real unexpected and unlikely couple of friends." said the nosey man.
"Mehh." said Grumpo.
The nosey man walked away.

Grumpo was also big and Winky was smaller. A different lady walked past them and said "Hey you two are a Strange Duo!"

Then a street musician played a riff on a soprano saxophone that really matched Winky and Grumpo's dynamic.

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