Monday, October 27, 2014

The Confessions

Renardo gripped Bertie's arm in his hands and pulled her close to him.
"I need you." said Renardo.
"Take me." said Bertie.
"Okay." said Renardo.
"Wait." said Bertie.
"What?" asked Renardo.
"I can't!" said Bertie.
"Why, my love?" said Renardo.
"My father would not approve."
"I will speak to him!"
"Okay good."

They kissed passionately. Renardo stopped.
"Wait, actually..."
"What?" asked Bertie.
"Well, now that I think about it, I am kind of nervous of talking to your father." confessed Renardo.
"Were you thinking about that just now when we were kissing?" asked Bertie.
"I was." confessed Renardo
"Well I'll have you know I was thinking of how passionate I felt kissing you."
"I'm sorry I'm just not that perfect." said Renardo.
"Are you trying to start a fight?" asked Bertie.
"Are you?" fired back Renardo.
"No!" said Bertie.
"Okay I confess. I actually haven't really wrapped it up completely with my ex-girlfriend Sassha."
"You're still involved with your ex-girlfriend?!" asked Bertie.
"Yes, I've been keeping it behind your back." said Renardo.
"Well, I've still been seeing Pe Li, the Chinese man." said Bertie.

They dropped their embrace. Bertie looked away like a feminine woman might do. Renardo pushed his masculine cage-like chest out, to hide his locked up vulnerability.

"I need to be with you." said Renardo.
"I need to be with you!" confessed Bertie.
"But, I can't." said Renardo, looking down.
"Please." begged Bertie.
"Okay you're right." said Renardo.
"Hmmm, but now I'm not sure." said Bertie.
"Oh, you must." said Renardo.
"Okay." relented Bertie.
"But now I'm not sure either." said Renardo, as he took a step back.

Then went on like that for another few hours. And met up every day to have similar discussions between kissing. Usually at different locations. A car. A house. A secluded house. An empty parking lot.

One time they met up and Bertie confessed that her urethra was burning. Renardo confessed his burned too. They could not confirm if their burning urethras came from one of the two of them or from Sassha and Pe Li.

Another day they were confessing their yearns to one another again and a door opened behind them. No one was standing behind it. They felt a chilling evil energy and the space where they stood felt heavy. It was a ghost who was tired of hearing their goddamned tiresome back and forth. The ghost scared them. They never went back to that house.

They went to Bertie's house to continue. Bertie's Father interrupted them.
"I've been waiting for you to talk to me!" said Bertie's Father.
"I was going to do it, I swear." said Renardo
"No coward shall be with my daughter."
"Okay, I understand." said Renardo.
"Wait." said Bertie's Father.

And then they went back and forth for a long time and life stayed like that for all of them until death.