Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Groovy Trip

Sally Speckles was so exhausted from walking around all day. She had long beautiful hair, man. She went home and dropped acid. In her chemistry lab. Then tripped so hard! On a rollerskate she left on the floor. She shouldn't have built that chemistry lab, because that required her to put her chemicals away. Like the actual acid that she literally dropped. She was bad about putting stuff away. Like her rollerskates. She should have put those away too. This wasn't the first time she dropped acid and tripped. "Wow look at all the colors!" she said, as she glimpsed inside her favorite kaleidoscope that she left out on the counter.

Then she went to what seemed like a whole other reality, where she saw surreal imagery through another perspective. It was called a "dream". She had fallen asleep because she was so tired, and was experiencing "R.E.M. sleep", which is what people most commonly dream during.

Sally Speckles loved science, and reading.

She put on her rollerskates the next day. She met up with up with Billy Balls near the boardwalk. Billy Balls was an athletically fit guy. He loved sports. Sally loved rollerskating. But she was really picky about where she rollerskated, "Like, this is totally groovy man." she said.
"Stop complaining." said Billy Balls.
"I mean it. It's totally groovy. How can I rollerskate on a sidewalk with this many grooves? I'm telling you, man, it's dangerous."

Sally was right. The sidewalk was too groovy to rollerskate on, man. She was cautious because she'd just bought some new acid to replace the acid she dropped in her chemistry lab the night before.

"Watch this I'll run across it fast to show you it's fine!" said Billy Balls.
Billy ran real fast across the sidewalk and pretended he was playing football. Sally accidentally rolled onto the sidewalk, dropped the acid, and Billy stumbled over her leg.

Billy's favorite Coach showed up. He saw the whole Sally-Speckles-spectacle and laughed at them. "Haha! You dropped acid and now you're tripping Balls, dude!" said Billy's Coach, to Sally. Sally turned so the Coach could get a better look at her feminine face. "Oh sorry, I thought you were a dude with long hair and a lady's body." said the Coach.

Sally argued with Billy.
"You made me trip!" said Billy
"I told you it was groovy, man." said Sally to Billy.
Then Billy slipped on the slippery acid and landed on the pier that was cracking. The pressure of his impact caused the pier to collapse. Billy fell in a body of water.

"You just gave to pier pressure!" said Billy's favorite Coach.
"Great! Now I'm wet and will track water in my home. I'll have to get new carpets!" said Billy.
"Carpets are terrible! You need rugs! Not carpets!" said Coach.
"No, I'm gonna get carpets! Carpets I will get! Carpets!" shouted Billy.
"Don't dude! Rugs! Don't dude! Rugs!" Coach commanded. 
That settled it.

Finally they all three went back to Sally's house and shot up heroin.

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