Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Dramatic Tale of Youth

One day Conor, was kickin' it with Trent. All the sudden Jensen pulls up in his truck, jumps out.
"Bro," Jensen said to both of them, "Dustin got in a fight with Paige, now he needs a place to crash."
"Oh shit!" said Conor.
"Damn." said Trent.
"He can crash with me!" said Conor.
"Sweet," said Jensen.
"Oh snap, wait." said Conor.
"What is it?" said Jensen.
"I told my boy Corbin he could crash with me." said Conor.

They were screwed. What was Dustin going to do? 
"Wait a second!" said Jensen.
"What?!" said Conor.
"He could crash with Trent!"
"Nah, bro. I already told my boy Chase he could crash with me." said Trent.
"Dang," said Jensen, "tell Chase I said what up."

They were so close to figuring out a solution. Damn. All the sudden again, Dustin pulls up in his truck. He jumped out, clearly agitated.

"Bros, Paige and I got in a fight!" said Dustin.
"We heard!"
"She hooked up with Mason." said Dustin.
"Oh damn. You want me to beat his ass?" asked Trent.
"Skyler already said he was gonna beat his ass." said Dustin.

Just then, Cole rolled up in his new truck and jumped out with news.
"Bros. Did you hear? Skyler did too much X last night and got wasted." 
"Oh shit, Skyler was supposed to beat Mason's ass for me. Now what am I gonna do?" said Dustin.
"Who was he with?" asked Conor.
"He was with Mackenzie." said Cole.
"Damn, Mackenzie's hot." said Conor.
"I can still beat Mason's ass for you." said Trent.
"Oh sweet, thanks bro." said Dustin.
"Why you gonna beat Mason's ass, Trent?" asked Cole, because he hadn't heard the news about Paige.
"Mason's girl Becca is so fuckin' hot." said Jensen.
"I hooked up with Becca," said Dustin, "Paige found out. That's why she hooked up with Mason."
"What a bitch, bro." said Cole.
"Well I'm glad I got someone to beat Mason's ass," said Dustin, "but I still don't have a place to crash."
"You can crash with me Bro!" said Cole.
"Sweet!" said Dustin and Jensen.

Everything seemed okay, until, "Oh shit, wait." said Cole.
"What?" said Dustin.
"Damn I just remembered I got my girl Chantal comin' over tonight."
"Damn. That's cool, bro I understand." said Dustin.
"I can't have you there when I got my girl over, bro." said Cole.
"Chantal is fuckin' hot." said Conor.

All of a sudden the stock market crashed, and they didn't notice.
"Dude, once at a party, my boy Chase saw Chantal makin' out with Bianca." said Trent.
"No shit, bro, I was there." said Cole.
"Sweet." said Trent.
"Tell Chase I said what up." said Cole.

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