Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Midge the Criminal

Midge was a puny creep lady street thug with a switchblade who trolled the wet streets at night lookin' for people to stick up!
"Gimme ya money!" she said to a couple walking down the street.
"Oh no just don't hurt us, take the money."
She came from the wrong side of the tracks so that's why she did that. Tough upbringing.

Happie was a fast walkin' high sassin' hair stylist, who walked the same route every night. He sassed his way out of everything. 
"You act different from us!" teased a kid in his childhood.
"Us ain't nothin' ta ack like!" spat back young Happie, defeating the kids.

"You need to focus on your school work." said a lousy teacher.
"You need to stop makin' it blurry!" responded Happie, defeating the teacher.

So back to now time. Happie was walking his route home after work from the salon. Just as he made his a left turn on Table Street, little Midge jumped from the shadows, shiny blade in hand.

"Gimme ya money!" she hissed.
"You betta spend it on a new pair of shoes, cuz those ain't workin', honey!" said Happie.

Midge ran off with the money. She sat home later that night counting her earnings, but couldn't get Happie's burn out of her mind. She looked at her shoes sorrowfully. She knew Happie was right. Her shoes really were an embarrassment. The burn started to spread and she began to evaluate her whole appearance, her hair, the clothes she wore.

She'd had enough stolen money that she could afford a little makeup for cheap. The next week she decided to put on some lipstick, eyeliner and do her hair up, just to experiment.  She went on her usual street troll, waiting for a victim to startle for cash. She waited quietly in the shadows as a set of sidewalk clomps advanced. She made her usual move.

"Gimme da money!" she snarled.
It was Happie again. They locked eyes. She recognized him right away. A look of vulnerability and need for approval came over Midge's face. She hoped Happie might observe the effort of her appearance. 
"I ain't know the circus was in town!" said Happie.

Midge left burned. She looked silly in the makeup. Midge walked into Happie's salon the next day wearing her dumpy oversized hooded sweatshirt.
"Is it my time ta go, cuz you look like the Grim Reaper?!" said Happie. 

Happie gave her a makeover and she felt pretty. Later that night Midge robbed Happie confidently. He was proud of his work though. Midge felt more confident but still needed some rehabilitation from her criminal upbringing.

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