Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gunnar's Void Inside

Gunnar went to the monster truck show at the town convention center to see big trucks crash real big.
"Hell yeah." he said.
He went by himself. He liked to go. Usually he went with his woman Tanya. She had a cough that day. He never asked her if she liked the show but he took her and she went. He was sitting in his metal bleacher spot watching the big truck smash the little car,
"Hell yeah, man. This is cool." when he realized something wasn't right.
"Hmm." he said.

He looked around at other people enjoying themselves. He thought about the other times he was there and what was different about it. What was missing? Was it Tanya? Gunnar quickly imagined what it would be like if Tanya were with him at the show. It still seemed like something was missing.

"Here comes the next big truck!" shouted the monster truck show announcer on the PA. Gunnar got happy by that announcement. But immediately went back to confusion about what was missing.

"Vroom-Rattle-Rattle!" said the big truck as it readied to crush a car.
"Oh hell yeah, man." he said with volume and sincerity. Though sincere for his enthusiasm about the truck, he knew there was still a discomfort for this vacancy he felt inside. He hoped no one would identify the slight lacking quality in his cheer.
"Smash!" said the big truck as it crushed a car.
"Woo!" said the crowd a bunch of times.

The truck revved it's engine again, accelerated hard, and smash! It hit Gunnar like a ton of bricks made of monster trucks. He didn't have any nachos. That's what was missing. Normally Tanya would hold the seats and he would get the nachos, or vice versa. This time there was no Tanya. Unreliable woman. What would he do? Then he got an idea. Gunnar leaned over to the man next to him.
"Say brother, could you make sure no one takes my seat? I gotta go get some nachos." asked Gunnar.
"You got it." said the man next to him. The seats were preassigned, but Gunnar was always nervous someone would try to take them anyway.

Gunnar quickly ran out to the concessions to get nachos. The line was not too bad because the show was in progress. There were a few slow people, though. He thought about what he'd ask for during his wait time. He wanted to get jalapenos. He worried about if they'd give him enough cheese, so decided he would ask for extra.

"Cheer!" said the crowd real loud. Something badass must have happened. Gunnar missed it.
"Dang it." said Gunnar, with growing anxiety. It was Tanya's fault that he missed it.

Finally he got his nachos and ran back to his seat which was not taken. He ate his nachos and watched the trucks smash and crush other cars.
"Hell yeah." he said as he ate nachos and watched a car catch on fire. He had a good time, when the big show was over, he thought about how excited he was for the next one.

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