Thursday, September 18, 2014

Absolute Ice Cream Corrupts

Mud was big mopey guy looking for a thing make him feel good. He saw sign on a big piece of paper taped to a thing by sidewalk. Sign said "Go get ice cream it real good. You feel good." An arrow pointed to a ice cream shop, he go there.

"Hey you go make me feel good? How?"
"Here have ice cream." said ice cream store.
"Thank." say Mud.
Mud eated ice cream, it worked, he feels good.

He walk back to the sign taped to the place.
"Hey thank to you sign, I come back tomorrow." say Mud at the sign.

Mud go back next day and then a feel good again. He go back with ugly girl who he think is pretty. She feel good too. They like each other now. They keep going back and like each other for a long time. Until she go there with different guy. Then Mud feel bad. Then he go back to ice cream and feel good again. Thank god for ice cream.

Many day after all those day, more of sign start to pop up over town, to make people go to ice cream to feel good. Ice cream house get very busy.
"Wow lot of people here to feel good." said Mud out loud.
"It sure crowded here." said the whole crowd.

Mud don't mind that everyone want to feel good at place he go to feel good. Funny thing happen though. He start to see more sign for different thing telling him to feel good.
"Sneaker shoes make me feel good? Hmm..." he said at shoe sign.
"Skin cream make a me feel good? Hmm..." he said at skin sign.
"Hmm, money to house where god live make me feel good?" he ask sign for the churchagogue.
"I don't want to buy big drive box!" he say to car sign.

Mud get confused by too many sign. Any time he try them he don't feel good. One thing for sure. Ice cream make him feel good. Reliable. Too many sign telling him to feel good actually make him feel bad. He try to look away when he see sign. No more sign please.

Every day he escape sign. Doing pretty good job at it, actually. Things going well. Hide in popular ice cream house, feel good inside.

Then one day bad thing happen.
"Hi give me the ice cream please." he say to cream store.
Cream store give him his ice cone. Usually when he eat ice cream he close his both eye to give himself big reveal of cone in hand, first he feel anticipation of seeing it, then surprise feeling when he see it, then the eat-it feeling. All make perfect equation for good feeling.

This time equation don't go as plan. He open his eyes, what first thing he see? A big sign!
"Buy cool hairspray feel cool!" say paper sign on his cone.
He look up at scoop on cone it have sign swirled in scoop too!
"Buy new song by popular music star." it say in fancy cursive swirl on scoop.

Mud get so mad he throw his ice cream scoop at store counter.
"You never allow back again!" say ice cream store.
"What am I pawn in sign big scheme!?" he yell.
"Go away." say store.

Mud sit down on bench with sign on it, don't know what to do.

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