Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jerry the Chicken

Jerry the Chicken was sitting with a ton of chickens all crammed in there in the chicken place, then he was like,
"Ooh ooh ooh I laid an egg!"
"Hey me too how cool that you laid an egg!" Said another chicken.
"Hey I laid a bunch more!" said Jerry.
"Cool good for you." said the other chicken.
"Oh wait. I made a mistake I can't lay eggs. These eggs belong to some fuckin' hen."
"Oh whoops me too. Oh well no big deal."
"Yeah I guess you're right." said Jerry.

Then the big tall man came in and took all the eggs away. Then Jerry the Chicken got taken into another place and was like, "Would have been cool if I laid an egg, huh?" 

Then Jerry the Chicken got his head cut off and his feathers all plucked out. Then his carcass got carted off to a grocery store in a cold box and they crammed him on a stick with some other guys and slowly spun him around until his skin got tighter and crustier.
"This is pretty nuts," Jerry the Chicken said.

Jerry got yanked off the metal rod, placed in a little plastic snap case and put under a heat lamp with more chickens. People would reach in sometimes, remove a chicken, take it home and eat it. Some chickens sat there for a while. Jerry was one that sat there a while not getting bought. He sat there so long that, according to some "chicken department" guy who worked at the grocery store, he went bad. That meant that Jerry and a couple of other chickens didn't get eaten. Chicken sales were down. I guess people just didn't want as many chickens that particular week. So they threw the chickens away.
"Now I'm in a trash dumpster." said Jerry.

Jerry didn't lay an egg, didn't get sold, didn't get eaten, and was dead. 

But his spirit lived on. One day while his spirit was there living on, there was a man named Ron and Ron's son Kyle. 
"I love you, Dad." 
"Thanks Kyle, you're a good son."
"You're an even better dad." said Kyle.

That whole exchange happened while Jerry the Chicken's spirit was there living on. Kyle and his dad were pretty stupid for not noticing, really. They were basically inhabiting the same space. They didn't feel it or anything. They didn't even listen quietly in the night to hear any whispered clucks about laying eggs, just too wrapped up in their love for each other to consider that Jerry the Chicken's spirit was there. That was quite a life Jerry got to experience, though.

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