Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Most Magnificent Lovemake

Wallace was the type of man who used public bathroom stalls and did not lock or even close the door. Judith was the type of woman who thought she had spiritual connections with people and plants, she would often take long sniffs of air while half closing her eyes. They were a married couple.

Judith and Wallace made the most magnificent love one night. The following week Judith told her friends Cynthia and Fern about it.

"Oh." said Cynthia.
"Yes, isn't that marvelous, the rivers just flowed." said Judith.
"I see." said Fern.

Judith sensed something was wrong, but just could not understand why they didn't want to hear about her and Wallace making powerful, magnificent love. Wallace had similar trouble when telling his friends about their lovemaking.

"Well... um, sounds healthy." said Donald the friend.
"Yes, it was like birds singing." said Wallace.
"Judith seems like a nice wife." said Ted the friend.

Wallace also seemed perplexed about his friends not being enthusiastic for his lovemaking story. The couple had never noticed their behavior had made people uncomfortable until now.

Judith and Wallace made love that night and it wasn't as good. They both were nervous after not being congratulated for their magnificent lovemaking. Their friends' discomfort and indifference got into their head. Wallace tried to solve it by being open with Judith, Judith tried to solve it by spiritually connecting with Wallace.

It didn't work. A reverse Pandora's Box had been opened. Their marriage became flooded with insecurity and shame.
"Why don't we just go to bed tonight?" said Wallace the next night.
"Yes. I feel very tired." said Judith.

Wallace began locking bathroom doors. Judith began quietly listening to people she met, rather than trying to feel their auras. Their insecurity ballooned, fueling a need to be liked by others. They watched their mouths carefully. Even around each other. It continued like this for a long time.

"Hello dear." said Wallace.
"Hi honey." said Judith.
They shook hands.
"Let's eat some food together." they said each night.
They ate food together in silence, swimming in fear of what friends and people thought.

One day Ted and Donald were talking.
"Hey you know who seems like a pretty okay guy?" said Ted.
"Who?" said Donald.
"Wallace." said Ted.
"Ah yeah he does." said Donald.

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