Friday, September 5, 2014

The Story of Chris

Chris was a boring guy but he cared about a thing. The thing he cared about was real boring too. No one cared. Who cares!? He wasn't interesting and he had a couple of friends who weren't interesting either. If you went to eat at the place then you'd see them, but your eyes would basically just glaze right through them. They talked about who the hell knows, it's not worth asking about.

"Bla bla bla," said Chris.
"Oh that's neat." said Friend.
"My name is Chris."
"Me too." said Friend of Chris.

The original boring Chris lost his job one day. And that thing he cared about like broke or stopped working or something. Also his friend, other Chris, who was part of a big group of boring friends, turned on him, stopped being his friend, and got his other boring friends to stop being his friends too.
"Why'd all that happen today?" thought boring Chris.

Then later that day Chris got his hand blown off because of a malfunction at a gas station. Also he was a witness to a bank robbery that had a connection to a serial killer who killed someone, splattering blood everywhere and it splattered a little into Chris's mouth, and people were mean to him. So yeah he saw murder, lost a hand and witnessed crime and abuse and his favorite thing broke. Real hard stuff. He was troubled by it all. This immediately made Chris very interesting. People from all over were interested in Chris and what happened.

"Chris, can you tell me what happened that day that all that crazy stuff happened?" They'd ask.
"It's hard to talk about, I'll try though." He'd say sometimes.

He was very unhappy and troubled by all this stuff. It really affected his day to day life and he would say some strange stuff about how he was feeling inside. Some people who had gone through other things related.
"I lost a family member." said a guy.
"I am a war veteran and killed someone." said a lady.

Chris went to a therapist to try to get help with this interesting stuff.
"I'm really hurting from all that stuff I saw that one traumatic day."
"You sure are interesting," said his therapist.
This therapist was really a good judge of who is interesting.

Chris met a dysfunctional woman who had some problems and was mean to him. They got married because Chris couldn't be sexually aroused unless he felt like he was trapped and in danger. They are happy and in love even though she is so mean and unpredictable.

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woobot said...

A love story... of sorts.