Sunday, September 28, 2014

Buzzy the Bear

Buzzy the Bear was a big fuzzy bear who lived deep in the forest. He was so big and cuddly you just wanted to hug him. One day he woke up and was hungry.
"Leaves and sticks everywhere. I don't want to eat those!"
Buzzy walked around a sniffin' everything in sight, including the air, which was not in sight. So he walked around sniffing just plain everything. What a sniffer!

From about a mile away he detected a yummy scent, so he followed his smart nose to it. His nose took him to a friendly camper named Sara Martin. She had set up a tent and was having a nice time camping, cooking, and reading. Buzzy the Bear ate her. It was a grisly awful scene you wouldn't wish on your least favorite person. Sara Martin screamed and screamed and did not see it coming at all.

Buzzy continued walking around. After a few hours his fuzzy fur on his face and paws had crusted from the blood of his meal. His big funny fluffy bear tushie waddled from side to side when he walked.

"Hey you!" said Whippy the Bunny!
"Who me?" said Buzzy the Bear.
"You can't eat me!" said Whippy.
"I like to eat so I am gonna try." said Buzzy. Buzzy was fast but Whippy was faster. Buzzy ran through the forest. His big bear torso crashed through and knocked over many small branches and trees. He didn't catch Whippy.

A few weeks later Buzzy was walking around a sniffing.
"Whap!" said a tranquilizer dart that hit him in his funny butt.
"We believe that is the bear, stay back." said a man from a search party seeking a missing Sara Martin.
"Whap! Whap!" said more darts that hit Buzzy. Buzzy got real tired and his vision got blurry. He took a hard nap.

Buzzy woke up and he was in a cage that he could not eat.
"I can't believe this is the animal that ate the woman I was going to marry," said Steve, a sorrowful man, looking at Buzzy. "I shouldn't have let her go and I shouldn't have yelled at her before she left." said Steve as he began to cry.

Though he tried, Buzzy could not piece together the backstory of Sara Martin and Steve's relationship, based off the few things he heard Steve say. Steve would go on to have relationship troubles for years, because he was very possessive toward women. He was not possessive for typical jealousy reasons though, he was possessive because his fiance once got eaten by a bear.

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