Monday, September 15, 2014

Mickey Streets

Mickey Streets was a real underdog. Everybody said he ain't gonna amount to nothin'. One day Mickey Streets woke up in his meager third story tenement apartment.
"Hey I really wanna banana for breakfast!" He said.

He went into his kitchen. He ain't have no banana.
"I gotta find a way ta get a banana."
"Mickey Streets you're a bum! You ain't gonna get no banana!" shouted a guy from outside the window down below.

Mickey was a bum, but he had a dream of having a banana for breakfast that day. He went to the market. They din't have no banana.
"Mickey the odds are stacked against you today! Give up on this banana dream uh yours." said the market owner.
"Hey look, I ain't never done much, but I know I could have a banana for breakfast today. I know it."

He started askin' people on da streets if they knew where he could get a banana for breakfast.
"We all agree, there ain't no banana for you today. Give up!" said the people of the street.

He started jogging down the streets lookin' for bananas.
"You're a bum!"
"Banana breakfast reject!"
"You're dumb!"
"Go back to cereal!"
"Who does this guy think he is?" shouted people in the streets, as he passed by. Mickey was really starting to break a sweat.

He had a sweet young lady who loved him despite knowing better. Her name was Ralphie. She was a high school librarian. Even she was weary, though supportive anyway.
"Mickey I'm really worried you're gonna be disappointed if ya keep goin' down this road." she said.

Mickey went to da zoo to see if da monkeys had a banana he could borrow.
"Hey maybe I ain't so dumb after all, I figured out this plan to get a banana for breakfast."
He knocked on the zoo gate.
"Hey I was wonderin' if I could borrow a banana from da monkeys for breakfast."
"We got bananas, but even though you look like you belong in a zoo, there ain't no way you're gettin' our zoo food! Beat it, ya dumb gorilla!"

Mickey was gettin' real beat down, but kept perseverin'. He decided to give the big grocery store, Stetson's, a try. He walked into Stetson's. "You got bananas?"
"In the produce, ya good-for-nothin!"

Mickey Streets got a banana from the produce. He bought it and ate it. But it was too late. Breakfast time had passed. It was 4:42 in the afternoon.
"Yo Ralphie, I still got a banana, maybe I ain't a bum after all!"

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