Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bad Boys on the Street

Billy Tough and Jazzy Jim walked down the street. They were absolute bad boys. The older people on the block were afraid of them. Billy Tough had no sleeves on his t-shirt. Jazzy Jim had a hole in his jeans.

"Here come those bad boys again." said Grey Hair Harold, as he stood behind his wife Ethel, and put his hands protectively on her shoulders.

Then the beat kicked in.

"I'm a rude crude dude with an attitude. I'm walkin' down street and I think I'm really neat." said Billy Tough.

The neighborhood let out a frightened gasp. Then Jazzy Jim chimed in.

"Take a look at my face and you'll see some stubble, take a look at my muscles and you know I'm trouble." said Jazzy Jim, as he flexed his arms.

"This neighborhood is going down the toilet." said Lyle the nervous shop owner.

Billy Tough and Jazzy Jim walked into Lyle's shop. Lyle was worried.

"I walk into the shop and I just don't stop!" rapped Billy Tough.
"I don't want any problems, boys. This isn't a hang out spot. You kids get out of here if you're not going to buy anything." said Lyle.

Then Jazzy Jim spoke a warning, "I'm gonna tell you how I feel, it's about to get real!
"Take a listen, Mister! His words are gonna blister!" said Billy Tough.
"Slap me some skin, it's about to begin!" said Jazzy Jim, as he put his hand out and Billy Tough slipped his hand across it.
"I'm gonna buy a slurpee and it's gonna make me burpee." said Jazzy Jim.
"A pocket of air is gonna come from somewhere!" said Billy Tough.
"The air comes from stomachs and it's gonna make ya flummoxed!' said Jazzy Jim.

Jazzy Jim loved slurpees but he had digestive trouble and would burp a lot from eating things with too much sugar.

"That will be two dollars and nine cents." said Lyle. The bad boys paid for the slurpee and went and frightened more people in the neighborhood.

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