Saturday, December 27, 2014

Seth the Wacky Brick

Seth the Wacky Brick was a brick sitting in a pile of bricks!

"Hey Bricklayer, put me in the wall I wants ta be in the wall hurry!" said Seth the Brick.
"You wait your turn!" said Bricklayer.
"Hey there's lots of others been waiting in line longer than you." said some other bricks.
"You guys are heavy and all look the same. I'm not sifting through you just to determine which one of you is begging to be put in the wall." said Bricklayer.
"I'm just three rows below and two bricks over, easy-peasy!" said Seth.
"Quiet I'm in the in the zone." said Bricklayer.

Seth was quiet for a minute. So were all the other good bricks.

"What's da zone?" asked Seth.
"It's like when you're laying a bunch of bricks and you get to this very concentrated, therapeutic, zen-type place, where your brain is focusing on some sort of activity, but also not really thinking about anything at the same time." said Bricklayer.
"Oh that sounds nice, active, and relaxin'." said Seth the Wacky Brick.
"It's also nice because I'm being active and working hard. Which is what I am programmed to do, as a human." said Bricklayer.
"Oh. Well I'm programmed to be put in da wall." said Seth.
"You're really breaking my meditative state." said Bricklayer.
"Well I ain't gonna stop!" said Seth.
"You're a tough negotiator." said Bricklayer.
"How bout it?" said Seth.
"Get this guy out of here." said the rest of the pile of bricks.
"Oy vay, alright fine." said Seth.

Bricklayer dug through the stack of bricks and found Seth. He smeared some cement down and planted Seth right there.

"Yesss!" said Seth, "I've hit the big time."

A few months later the building was finished.
"Uh oh. I got an itch." said Seth. No one responded to him.
"Hey!! I got a bad itch!!!" he shouted. No one heard him.

Years went by, like fifty, and Seth the Wacky Brick was still in the building wall.
"I'm anxious." he said.

Thirty more years went by and the building was demolished, all the remaining parts were separated into garbage for a landfill, recycled bricks, and more cement. Some of the cement was used to lay more bricks.

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