Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Grueling Race

Sandy and Ruby were doing a race.

"Go!" said the race guy.

Sandy took off real fast. She was a go-getter and ready to go. She'd been training super hard. She was super competitive. Ruby was a little more calculated.

"Wow look at Sandy go!" said the spectators.
"She is so fast." said other spectators.

Meanwhile back over at the starting line, Ruby trotted along.

"I'm takin' my time." said Ruby.
"Well ya better hurry, she's gonna beat you." yelled spectators.
"We'll see." said Ruby.
"I'll bet she's got a plan." said a wise old spectator.

Back over at Sandy, she was a blazin'! She hadn't broken a sweat, she'd shattered one! She was burning rubber. And calories. Ol' Ruby was way back there suckin' up gulps of oxygen. Hours went by.

"This is a good race." said Ruby.
"You're losing!" said spectators.
"She's up to something." said that wise old spectator.

Sandy was at the third quarter of the race. She was getting dead tired. She was panting heavy. Heaving. But she kept pushing. Ruby slagged along.

"I'm starting to wonder now if she actually knows it's a race." said the wise old spectator.

Sandy was almost to the finish line. She had slowed way down. But then she won. Ruby took another few hours to finish. Turned out that Ruby just sucked at racing. She didn't have any clever plan to win the race. Sandy got a trophy and a lot of cheering. Ruby got a discount coupon to a chain restaurant.

Turns out Ruby didn't really care about the race and wasn't competitive in any aspects of life, she just decided to enter the race because it seemed like a nice trot.

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