Monday, December 29, 2014


Klaus walked into the coffee shop for a cup of tea to go.
"I vould like ze hot tea please." said Klaus.
"Please pay ze tea fee." said the coffeemaker.

Klaus paid the fee by handing a handful of bills and change to the coffeemaker. Klaus also had a robot finger.

"Aht-oh." said the coffeemaker.
"Vaht?" said Klaus.
"You haff a digi-digit." said the coffeemaker.

Klaus looked at his mechanical pointer. And shrugged like it was not a big deal.

"Oh zis?" said Klaus.
"He has a digital fingie!" shouted the coffeemaker.

Everyone ran out from the back, the other customers in the shop stood up and screamed in fear.

"You ah trying to read ah brains!" shouted one customer.
"You vill not uploat your little digi into me!" screamed another customer.
"We yoose pencils here!" shouted the coffeemaker.
"Und we determine ze strength und potency aff our coffee vis our minds und our noses." shouted the manager.
"Not vis a coffee potency machine!" continued the coffeemaker.
"You ah not willkommen." said the coffee shop manager.

All the people of the country were terrified of technology since the digital war ended thirty years earlier. Robos and Computerians had attempted to undermine the hand-crafted working man's way of life. Eventually the Robos legion was defeated. Parliament had, in recent years, decided to loosen the ban on electronic assistance. Hence, the fear of Klaus, whose finger was a robot finger. There was fear among the humans that Robos would control their minds, bodies, automobiles, and coffee making once again.

"It just meks things moof a little quickah is all." said Klaus quietly.

Little Peter came out from the back to reason with his grandpa, the shop owner.
"Grandpa, perhaps it vould be good fah business to allow him. It's only a little digi-fingie."
Grandpa, the shop owner reluctantly and begrudgingly agreed.
"Okay. Just zis time." said the shop owner.

Klaus quickly took his coffee, left, and marked the coffee shop on his digital list of establishments that were willing to serve Computerian clientele. He then uploaded the list to Robos headquarters for their private information log.

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