Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Special Day

Simple Sam walked out onto his porch and said "Wow this is a joyous day." The day was Special Day. Everyone's favorite holiday.

"I love today too! And I love you!" said Joe passing by.
"My child and I were just coming out to declare the exact same words you have just spoken, Sam." said Sue, the neighbor and her son, Dobbs.
"I beat you to the punch, Sue." smiled Sam.
"That's okay with me. Especially on Special Day." said Sue.

Another neighbor, Mike, stepped outside and said the same thing as Simple Sam.
"What a joyous day!"
"Oh, hehe, Mike! I just said the same thing a moment before you came outside."
"Oh. I'm sorry I didn't realize that." said Mike with a smile.
"No, no, no problem. We both feel the same way about it." said Sam
"You'll find no conflict on the subject from me!" said Mike.

"I love the joy I feel on Special Day." said Jake, who was standing outside basking in the sunlight.
"Uh oh! Everyone stop right now!" it was the mailman. He had just pulled up, screeched his mailman mobile on the side of the road and jumped out. 
"Gasp!" said everyone.
"What's wrong?" said more everyone.
"Why isn't everyone dancing?!" shouted the mailman.

Everyone started dancing to the song that was most popular and associated with Special Day. It was a hit song.

"PS I love working on Special Day and don't even want the day off!" said the mailman.
"I just agree with the rest of you!" said Jeff the fellow, who danced.
"Add me to the mix of people who experience the joy on Special Day." said Kate.
"No need to add, you're already part of it." said Mike.
"No one has any cynicism about Special Day." said Joan, the observational lady.
"Special Day is the way it should be." said Ralph.
"I'm not worried about people making profit off my love of Special Day. Same goes for advertisers, financial gainers, losers, or those more in need or less in need on Special Day!" said Marvin.
"Neither are any of the people you listed! They all love Special Day too!" said Beth.
"I know!" said Marvin.
"No one has a dark, skeptical, or angry spin on how Special Day is bad." said Joan.
"We would welcome them if they did!" said Kate, Jeff and Sam all at once.
"I agree. There just isn't a negative take on Special Day." said Henrietta.
"Do you love Special Day, Joan?" asked Chris.
"More than anything." said Joan, the observational lady.
"Everyone loves Special Day!" said Brent.
"Special Day is the special way." said Sue, with wide piercing eyes.

They all continued to dance! Many of the people celebrating Special Day took the streets to wish others a special day.

"Please have a special day!" they'd say.
"I already was! Have a special day." said one fellow.
"Have a special day." they said again.
"You don't have to tell me. My Special Day is very special. You should have a special day." said another lady.
"We are having a Special Day. Stay Special." they said back.
"Have a special day!" said some people who came up to them.
"You have a special day!" they said back.
"We will. You too."

They walked more, growing larger.
"Please have a special day!" they'd say to more people they saw..

It almost seemed like there was no point in telling everyone to have a special day, because they couldn't find a single person who wasn't having a special day or needed to be told to have a special day on Special Day. Yet, every person who was having a special day loved being told to have a special day and loved telling everyone to have a special Day. No one was brightened by the salutation of "Have a special day!" because they were already bright, and eager to give the salutation.

"Have a special day now." said one.
"You have a special day." said another.
"Have a special day." said others.
"Have a special day." said another back.
"I hope you're having a special day."
"Enjoy your Special Day."
"Have a special day."
"Have a special day now."
"Please have a very special day."
"A special day to you."
"Happy Special Day!"
"Special Day is your day."
"Please have a very Special Day."
"Have a special day..."

And it continued. It was everywhere. It was big. It was perfect. It spread. It grew. It's growth was relative, though. Because it was mutual. It was sustained for the whole of Special Day. Special Day was very special. Special Day is very special. Special Day is the way. Won't you have a special day?

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