Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mediocre Joe

Mediocre Joe was the toast of the town.

"Mediocre Joe, I'm such a big fan!" said a fan.
"Thank you I work hard." said Mediocre Joe.
"Mediocre Joe, you've inspired me since you first burst on the scene and I was a kid." said another.
"Ah it's comments like that that get me through the day, brother."
"Mediocre Joe, I haven't seen much but with you around I know I don't need to see much else." said a babe.
"That's sweet of you, honey. Wanna kiss?" said Mediocre Joe.
"Do I ever!" said the babe.

Mediocre Joe and that babe had a passionate relationship until Mediocre Joe met another babe that was interested in him.

"Sorry Babe #1, Babe #2 is moving in." said Mediocre Joe.

Mediocre Joe and Babe #2 kissed hard and sloppy. She was his muse.

"Babe #2, you inspire me." said Mediocre Joe.
"Thanks Joe." said Babe #2.

Mediocre Joe made more stuff.

"This is your best work yet!" said a boss.
"It's so popular, everyone loves it!" said a moneyman.
"Great news," said Mediocre Joe, "I'll make some more."

Mediocre Joe got to work on more stuff. He sweated a little making it. He started to experience working hard. There was a lot of money at stake. He felt pressure.

"I feel a lot of pressure to make work." said Mediocre Joe, to his therapist.
"Well you should just keep up the good work." said the therapist.

Mediocre Joe kept working. The money came in and the hard work persisted. He was incredibly stressed.

"Guess what Mediocre Joe!" said Babe #2.
"What!?" said Mediocre Joe.
"I'm pregnant with your shitty baby!" said Babe #2.
"Wow this is a glorious day!" said Mediocre Joe.

Mediocre Joe and Babe #2 had made so much money off Mediocre Joe's work that he was able to do significantly less to any work, and raise their fucking baby to be dull, mediocre, and very successful.

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