Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Scenario Controllers

Roger and LaTonya hadn't seen each other in a while. They greeted and chatted.

"Hey!" said LaTonya.
"Good to see you!" said Roger.
"You too..." said LaTonya, smiling.

Roger paused.

"What?" asked LaTonya.
"Everything okay?"
"Yeah." said Roger.
"Did you forget what you were going to say?" asked LaTonya.

Roger felt confronted and busted.

"No, I remembered, I just got nervous."
"Um..." he said slowly.
"Spit it out." said LaTonya.
"Well, because I was afraid if I said too much then it would affect how much you would talk to me."

LaTonya was confused.

"Okay..." she said.
"So I figured I better say less and keep you from possibly deciding to leave."
"You're saying you're afraid to say something?"
"I guess, yeah."
"But what if withholding that thing you are nervous about affected your behavior, and that made me uncomfortable, then drove me away anyway?" suggested LaTonya.

Roger considered this.

"Well, that would sound like a no win situation." said Roger.
"I'm sorry I possibly made you uncomfortable in that scenario that hasn't happened yet."
"It's okay. I should have addressed it, in that hypothetical scenario that hasn't happened, before it got out of hand."
"I didn't think that it got out of hand." said Roger.
"You did so much overthinking about it, it definitely would have made me anxious."
"We're still talking about this alternate future scenario that hasn't happened yet?"
"Yes. I am, aren't you?" asked LaTonya
"Yes." said Roger.
"Look I'm willing to accept that we both will be in the wrong, if what we are describing happens." said LaTonya.
"That will be mighty big of you, LaTonya." said Roger.
"Yes, but it hasn't happened yet." said LaTonya.
"We're reflecting a future incident, which hasn't happened, as if it's the past." said Roger.
"Yes, I know and understand. We are doing that right now." said LaTonya.
"From here." said Roger.
"Before it's even happened."
"And it might not happen."
"Probably won't. Because of healthy reflection like this." said LaTonya.
"You're right. But we should focus on the now." said Roger.
"Yes. Back to now." said LaTonya
"Glad we're on the same page."

Roger took a big breath through his nose. So did LaTonya.

"You might as well say whatever it is you were afraid to tell me."
"It's not even a big deal." downplayed Roger.
"It's been so built up though." said LaTonya.
"Let's just let the information come out organically." said Roger.
"I can't just forget about it now." said LaTonya.

Then Roger tried to change the subject.

"Tell me about that pattern on your shirt. Did you buy the shirt for it's comfort or style?" said Roger.

LaTonya got suspicious.

"That question sounded really phony. " said LaTonya.
"Damn..." said Roger.
"Whatever feeling you're concealing is affecting your behavior and it's made me uncomfortable again." said LaTonya.
"Again?" said Roger.
"Yeah, you did it before, in the future scenario we just talked about."
"Yeah, but we also made-up in the now, before it ever happened.
"But then it happened!" said LaTonya, emotional.
"But we're talking about it in the past tense!"
"Oh. I guess that means it's already over."

Roger and LaTonya took a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad we sorted it out." said Roger.
"Even though I don't know what you were withholding, I actually feel closer to you than ever." said LaTonya.
"Me too." said Roger.
"I'm glad we're on the same page."
"We've almost been through a lot together."
"We should get married."
"We should shouldn't we?"
"We should have a happy life together with occasional disagreements."
"Yeah, and with children, adopted or biological. Whichever seems right for us."
"And we'll look back on all the times together with memories, some happy and some sad."
"And grow old together, learning and growing with each other, experiencing life, not hiding from it."
"Yeah." They both said together as they looked in each others' eyes.

LaTonya glanced down at Roger's wristwatch.

"Oh my god, I have to run. It was so nice to see you, though!" said LaTonya
"Oh man, me too I'm late. Take care bye!" said Roger.

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