Sunday, December 28, 2014

Spinach Mouth

Benjamin had spinach in his teeth. No one sitting at the table with him told him. Not Charlie, not Maggie, not Isaac, not Peggy. Benjamin went on and on about Elizabeth. Saying bad things about her and such.

"...And the way Elizabeth wears her hair! Oh man..." said Benjamin.

Maggie nodded. She did not speak up to inform Benjamin of his spinach teeth, nor to defend Elizabeth, whom she considered a friend. The spinach piece seemed to get bigger.

"...And those bright colored shirts? Peeeeyeeew they are ugly!" continued Benjamin.

Isaac did not agree with Benjamin, but he certainly didn't speak up to defend Elizabeth. He wondered if the spinach piece in Benjamin's teeth was actually spinach. Benjamin was a weaselly out of shape fellow. He did not seem like the health conscious type. And spinach is healthy.

"Hey! Hey! Who am I?" Benjamin asked, then spoke in a silly voice. "Is my hair frizzy enough?..." 

Charlie, Maggic, Isaac and Peggy all sat smiling politely. Peggy cleared her throat.

"I'm Elizabeth! Ha ha ha ha!" said Benjamin.
"Ahh, I see." mumbled Charlie.
"Because I think her frizzy hair is so ugly!" said Benjamin, pleased with his rant.
"Hmhmm." politely giggled Isaac.

By now the spinach piece had grown. It was hanging from Benjamin's mouth. He still did not notice. Charlie, Maggie, Isaac and Peggy all noticed. They also did not share the same sentiments about Elizabeth. But no one spoke up about either.

"I also think Elizabeth has a big butt! You ever notice she has a big butt? Like maybe too big? Charlie! You've noticed she has a big butt, right?" said Benjamin.

Charlie just smiled and Benjamin continued talking. The spinach piece was covering his whole head and shoulders by now. But not his mouth. No one spoke up. Benjamin continued talking. The spinach piece grew. It grew onto Charlie. No one spoke up. Benjamin kept talking. It grew onto Maggie. No one said anything. It completely covered Maggie and absorbed her. No one said a word. They all smiled politely. Benjamin continued talking about Elizabeth. Even though his words became inaudible. Spinach absorbed Isaac and Peggy. Benjamin's lungs became clogged with spinach. He suffocated and could no longer speak or breathe or live. None of them could. Elizabeth wasn't so bad.

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