Monday, December 15, 2014

Born Again Truth Teller

Barry was an honest man.

"Do you like my hair?" asked Margaret.
"It looks great!" said Barry. Even though Margaret's hair didn't really look that great.

Barry had a good sense of what Margaret was looking for in her question. She was not looking for an opinion, or a way to make her hair look better. She was looking to hear that her hair looked great. So Barry made the choice to tell her it did.

But then Barry became a Born Again Truth-Teller. After that he always told the Truth.

"Praise the Truth!" said Barry.
"Praise it!" said other Truth-Tellers.
"Have you heard about the Truth?" said Truth-Tellers to people.
"Yes." said people.
"Do you tell the Truth?" asked Barry.
"Yes." said people.
"Can I save you with the Truth?" asked Barry.
"Oh, no thank you. I'm fine." said people.
"The Truth is the Truth." said the Truth-Tellers.

Barry saw another lady he knew, who was a lot like Margaret, walking down the street.
"Hi Barry, it's me Wanda." she said.
"Hi My Dear, praise the Truth on this lovely day." said Barry.
"Barry do you like my green dress?" asked Wanda.
"It doesn't match the current season we are in, and the cut of it accentuates natural curves in your body in unnatural ways, Praise the Truth!" Barry shouted to the sky.

Wanda started crying, "I've been struggling with my figure and confidence ever since I had surgery!" she said.
"The Truth is great! Praise the Truth." shouted Barry. The truth is that Wanda still looked pretty damned good with those curves. Barry made an oversight and focused on the wrong side of truth.

Barry and the Truth-Tellers were sitting around loving the Truth one day.

"The Truth is how I truly feel." said one.
"Me too." said another.
"That's true." said another.
"I love Truth."
"I shall not lie."
"Truth hath set me free." said the Minister of their organization.
"Hi I have a delivery for Barry." said a delivery man who showed up.
"Hath the truth set you free?" asked Barry.
"No." said the delivery man.

Barry opened it. It was a letter from a former lover, whom Barry had unresolved feelings about that he'd pushed deep inside himself. He read the letter and the feelings bubbled up to the surface, as though he'd been living a lie. The emotion caused him to cry for reasons that were inexplicable to him.

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