Monday, December 8, 2014


"Everyone make a thing!" said the Motivator Lady.

Little Duke made a scribble and got all the beans. People liked his the best. Sally made a piece of crud. No one liked it. Tumpy made a stack, no one cared. Edgar made a hroggle. No one knew what that was.

But Little Duke's scribble was the crowning achievement. It made it to the next level of judgement. It passed. Then it made it to the even next level of achievement, it surpassed all competition. It made it to the final level. It won. It was rewarded generously. Little Duke received all the beans.

Like Duke wore his crown of Bean King achievement. They were all talking about his scribble.

"I can't believe your scribble."
"Are you gonna make more scribble?"
"I love your scribble. My granddad loves your scribble."
"I have sweatpants. Can you make scribble themed sweatpants?"

Beans poured in for Little Duke in honor of his little scribble.

He had no shortage of beans. Little Duke needed to do more though. He couldn't just coast off his one scribble. There was more to him.

"Hey everyone. I'm working on a new scribble." said Little Duke.

Scribblemania was ablaze. They didn't even expect more scribble. They were rabid for it though. This put pressure on Duke for the scribble. No matter what happened. Duke was still the Bean King. He could never be dethroned of that, that's for sure.

"We are freaking out with this new scribble anticipation." said everyone.

Then came time for Little Duke to make the new scribble.

"I'm a little nervous about making another scribble." said Duke, as he thought about it. He tried a different technique and it was impressive, but it did not satisfy the appetites, imaginations, and expectations set by the original scribble. The masses were furious.

"I wonder if Little Duke is sad that everyone hates his scribble." said a one guy
"Are you kidding? Little Duke has more beans than he knows what to do with." said the other.

But Little Duke did care. He was sad. Because he had a young childhood programming that caused him to feel a sense of sadness and isolation when he experienced the familiar feeling of rejection. And all the beans in the world didn't make it go away.

Then Little Duke said "You know I'm tired of scribbles and I'm tired of beans. I'm gonna keep a few beans and give away the rest to people who really love beans. You can make scribbles too if you like."

Then Guggy the Sneak, who was a crapeater, came in and was like "Hey guys I'm gonna make a scribble like Little Duke's first scribble. You guys are gonna love it." And the foolish masses ate it up, even though it was crapeater territory. And Guggy the Sneak capitalized off Little Duke's original scribble and swam in beans forever. 

Don't feel bad for Little Duke though. He still had plenty of beans.

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