Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dad's Chair

The family was super psyched to eat their dinner meal. Everyone sat at their place and started digging in. Mom, Dad, kid, and other kid all sat in their seats. Dad was the last to sit. His chair seemed smaller.

"Hmm..." he said, "that's weird. This chair seems smaller."
"Gobble gobble gobble." said Mom and she slurped down her food.
"Smack smack smack!" said the kid.
"Nom nom nom nom nom, burp!" said other kid, as they sucked it all down.

No one noticed what Dad had just said.

"Hey. Did anyone switch out these chairs? Mine seems a little smaller than usual." Dad said again.
"Glop glop glop glop, slurrrrp. Breath. Sip. Burp!" said the family.

Dad got frustrated. He stood up and the chair was stuck to his butt. He pulled it off and raised it in the air with one hand.

"Hey! I know someone did something with my big chair!"

The family stopped inhaling their food and looked up at him. Like pigs from a vacated trough. Dad looked at his family's dead eyes. Their faces glared and their eyes glowed.

"Wait a second," said Dad, "This isn't my chair, and you guys aren't my family!"

The family panted heavily at him.
"How did I get here?!" said Dad.
"You gonna eat that food?" grunted Mom.

Dad looked down at his plate. It was covered with runny slop.
"I want your food." said the other kid.
"Uh... it's yours. Have it." said Dad. Then he dropped the small chair and ran out the door.

"Where's my family?!?!" shouted Dad.
"Boyd! Boyd! Over here!"

Dad turned. It was his wife shouting to him. He was Boyd.

"I was in the house and everyone was the wrong person and I had the wrong chair!" said Boyd.
"You went into the wrong house." said wife.
"Oh I did?"
"Yeah, you do that from time to time. You go into the wrong house, and forget where you are, and unfamiliar places and people seem familiar. And vice versa. And our neighbors are real peculiar, but no one bothers them and they don't have a Dad." said wife.
"Oh. Well I knew there was some sort of logical explanation for all that." said Boyd.

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