Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Harvey Sea Songs

Harvey Jackson was a man of the sea. He sang on boats.

Yodel dodel dodel 
Yodel dodel dee
I smell a little flower
And then I take a shower!

That was a song Harvey Jackson would sing. He'd sing it on his empty boat, then a whale that would follow him around and spurt a gust of water through it's blowhole to let him know it was good.

"Thanks Whale!" said Harvey.
"Shhhplshhhh... dribble dribble splatter sprinkle!" said the blowhole water.

Harvey started to feel pretty confident in his sea song ability so he decided to go to Los Angeles, California to make it big.

He sailed far to the city of dreams, all the while singing his sea sings!

Yeedel deedel do
Yeedel deedel doodle
I sit on a chair 
And I grow some hair!

Then the whale blew another hole full of water.

"I'm on a roll!" said Harvey Jackson.

He was so excited because he had so much material that he could share with the big city. The whale was so encouraging. Harvey arrived at the shore and found himself a venue to sing some songs. He whipped out his wooden axe (that's sailor slang for a guitar). And he strummed away.

A yebby debby dooby
And a ruby duby booby
Gimme a teeny tickle 
I like to eat a pickle.

The audience didn't respond.

"Hmm..." said Harvey.
He knew that wasn't his best one, so he tried another. It didn't do well either. Harvey was heartbroken and confused. His confidence had been built up too high by the whale. He ran back to the sea got on his boat sailed out and found the whale.

"Hey Whale!" said Harvey.
"Splasasahhhshh sprinkle sprinkle." said the blowhole water.
"You lied to me!"
"Sssspushhh splatter." said the blowhole water.
"I humiliated myself. I thought I had talent but you were just tricking me into thinking I did." said Harvey.
"Spppshhh rainrainrain."
"Can you come to all my shows in Los Angeles?" Harvey asked.
"Shhhhhhhff sprinkle..."

Harvey knew his confidence depended on the whale's attendance.

"If you can't attend those shows then they'll have to all be at sea."
"Sppliiishhhhh...." said the blowhole water.
"Whale, I love you. You make me feel whole inside. Will you marry me?"
"You've just made me the happiest sea singing sea sailor in any sea!" said Harvey.

Harvey married the whale and lived at sea. He didn't have very much talent but he had that whale who liked his songs and that whale was the only one who ever liked those songs.

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