Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Valentine's Story

The new sex movie was playing in the theaters and Nervous Judy and Big Dan had a date night planned.

"Dan, do you want to go see Sensual Undertaking?" asked Judy.
"What's Sensual Undertaking?"
"It's the new... uh movie." said Judy.

Judy was nervous to say to Dan, her husband, that it was a sexy movie.

"Oh... don't you want to see Action Packtime?" asked Dan.

Action Packtime was the new movie starring a bunch of old men who kick butt. It was supposed to be very violent.

"Oh... I do. I just... thought we could change it up and see Sensual Undertaking instead of Action Packtime. Maybe we can see Action Packtime tomorrow?" asked Judy.
"Okay. What's, um... Sensual Undertaking about?" asked Dan.
"It's about a couple of people who... like each other." said Judy.

Dan knew what that meant. But he was uncomfortable to say anything about, ya know, sex. And he didn't know how he'd handle himself in a public movie theater if he had to sit there and watch a scene with a, ya know, thrust, in it. But he also looked in his wife Judy's eyes and could tell Judy really wanted to see the movie. And she really wanted him to sit next to her and watch it too.

Dan took a deep breath.

"I would love to see Sensual Undertaking with you, honey." said Big Dan.
"Oh great." said Judy. Then she smiled.

They went and saw the movie. It was full of steam. There were at least three thrusts throughout the film. Everyone in the theater was tense about it. That made Dan feel better about being tense about it. Because he was not the only one.

"Good film." said Dan, as they walked out.
"I liked it too." said Judy.

Then they went home and made love very quickly and had a good night's sleep.

The End.

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