Friday, February 13, 2015

The Mentally Ill Dynamite Guys

The Firecracker Boy was let out of his cage one day and he went on a firecracker rampage.

"I'm gonna blow someone up with these firecrackers." said The Firecracker Boy.

He zeroed in on Luke the Kook! The Firecracker Boy watched him him walk into the medical building. Luke the Kook had a screw loose in his head. He was going to the doctor.

"Hey doc, one of those screws you put in my head to hold it together from that time I got hit hard with a car bumper came loose. So now I got a screw loose." said Luke the Kook.
"Let me take an X-ray." said the doc.

Luke the Kook's ex-girlfriend, Rachel, ran the X-ray machine at the doc's office.

"Oh no, it's my ex-Ray-friend! Ha! X-Ray-chel! Ha! We sure had some X-Ray-ted times together, huh? Ha!" said Luke the Kook.
"Boy you sure have a screw loose don't you?" said Rachel, remembering the times they used to have with a mix of fondness, sadness, and guilt.
"Too bad you hit me with that car bumper that one time." said Luke the Kook.
"Turn to the right." said Rachel.

The doc looked at the X-rays.

"Looks like we'll have to do surgery to screw the screws back in. They're a little loose looking." said the doc.
"I knew it." said Luke.

On Luke's way out of the office The Firecracker Boy was waiting for him. Luke the Kook took two steps out the door and-

"Pop-pop-pop! Pa-pop! Pop-pa-pop!" said the firecrackers.
"Sheesh is someone making loud popcorn?!" asked Luke the Kook real loud.
"Die you Kook!" said The Firecracker Boy.

Luke the Kook started sniffing for popcorn.

"I don't smell the popcorn!" said Luke.
"That's dynamite!" even though it wasn't dynamite, it was just little Black Cat firecrackers.
"Who are you?" asked Luke.
"I'm The Firecracker Boy, and I've been in a cage on the 3rd floor of this medical building where they've been doing scary science experiments on me! But I've got dynamite." he said.

Then he threw some firecrackers. They made more Pop, pop, pop noises.

"Is someone saying Pop, pop, pop real loud?" asked Luke the Kook.
"No that's my dynamite!" said The Firecracker Boy.
"Those look too tiny to be dynamite."
"You know where I can get dynamite?"
"At the grocery store, of course."

They went to the grocery store together.
"Where's the dynamite section?" they asked.
"We don't have one." said the grocery store.
"Let's go back to where we were standing before we came here." they said to each other.

They went back.

"Hey you guys should be up on the 3rd floor having medical experiments done on you." said a doctor walking out of the medical building.
"Not me, I should be up on the bird floor, not the 3rd floor, hehe." said Luke the Kook.
"I like birds too." said The Firecracker Boy.

Then they were taken upstairs to have more medical experiments done on them.

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