Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mario's Big Forgets

Mario got hit in the head with a frying pan and he forgot everything. He forgot who hit him, he forgot his favorite shirt, he forgot his friend Tony, he forgot his other friend Elvis, and he forgot his tax return.

"Where am I what do I do?" said Mario.
"What were you trying to do?" said a bystander.
"I forgot." said Mario.
"Oh well what's your name?"
"I forgot." said Mario.
"Oh well don't worry about it, just keep going." said the bystander.
"Okay, what's your name?" asked Mario.
"I'm Dick." said the bystander.
"Hi Dick, what's my name you think?" asked Mario.
"Hmm your name is Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating." said Dick.
"Ooh that's a good name, thanks." said Mario, now known as Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating.

Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating went to get a job. He walked into a barber shop.

"Hi I'm Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating. I forgot my job. Was it ever this? If it was, can you teach me how to do it again? If it wasn't, can I have a new job? If yes, can you teach me how to do that job?" said Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating
"Can you cut heads?" said the barber.
"If I can I don't remember." said Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating
"Oh well sorry then no job for you. I'm too busy to teach a guy to cut hair. Mainly cuz I'm old and don't have many years left." said the barber.
"Can I sweep a floor?" asked Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating

Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating somehow knew how to sweep a floor. He swept it daily for a while. One day the barber made an observation.

"Hey Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating, it sure is interesting to me how you knew how to sweep, but didn't know other stuff. Maybe you were a sweeper before you forgot stuff."
"Maybe!" said Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating

Then on the way home Hoggohorny 3.999999 Repeating got hit in the head again and forgot everything again and had to start all over again. But that sweeping stuff and new name stuff and barber stuff was what he did during that one portion of his life. He never remembered again it though.

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