Friday, February 6, 2015

Risk Taker's Paradise

Harry Kaka was a real snooze. He went to the store to buy a soda. The cashier gave him back the wrong amount of change. He was walking out sipping his soda and feeling refreshed, even though it was bad for him, and he realized he'd gotten the wrong amount of change.

"Uh oh." said Harry Kaka.

He thought long and hard, and stressed about what he should do. It was only 27 cents he got stiffed on. That didn't seem like a big enough deal to go back and talk to a person. Then he decided he would change things up and go mention it.

"Excuse me, sir. I think you gave me the wrong amount of change." said Harry, showing the change in his hand.
"Oh I'm sorry, you're right." said the cashier.

The cashier gave him the 27 cents. This was the most exciting exchange of Harry's week. Harry went and told his friend Brianna about it.

Brianna had recently been in a bad accident and couldn't walk and half her face was paralyzed. She did not seem to react much. So Harry tried telling a different friend. 

Harry went over to his friend Muhari. Muhari's daughter had dropped out of online welding school to sell drugs and found herself in a juvenile detention center, she was a fast learner and was being too ambitious for her young age. Possibly in part to the pressure Muhari was putting on her to excel in life. Nonetheless Muhari had a lot of big things on his mind.

"I got shortchanged 27 cents and I went--" said Harry.
"I cannot hear this story right now, Harry Kaka, I am sorry." interrupted Muhari.

This was unfortunate for Harry. Harry had to tell a few people about this story while it was still current and fresh. Otherwise it would be something that happened to him a long time ago. And that seemed like it would make it more difficult to be relatable.

Harry went over to his friend Andrew Grubert's house. Andrew was a real bore.

"Andrew the craziest thing happened to me recently. I got shortchanged 27 cents at the store and so I went back and told the guy. I let him know. Then I got my 27 cents in change back. Isn't that something? People today, am I right?" said Harry, beaming with pride.
"That is really something. You know today I went to eat breakfast and it was very warm out. Even though it is normally chilly. Did you notice? Anyway I always get coffee, so often that the lady doesn't really need to ask me if I want it, but the lady asked me if I wanted hot coffee. I let her know it was a little hot outside for hot coffee today. She didn't have a problem with that." said Andrew Grubert.

Then the two of them sat there nodding with pride for their big accomplishments.

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