Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Men by the Bush

George walked up to Buster who was standing by the bush.

"Hi Buster."
"Oh hello George."

George had had enough of Buster.

"George can you do my a favor?" asked Buster.
"Sigh, what?" said George.
"Can you give me a tickle?"
"A tickle?"
"Yes I love to be tickled and I'd just love it if you would tickle me."

George pointed to the bush.

"Why don't you use this branch off this bush to tickle yourself?" asked George.
"Okay well it's not the same." said Buster, pouting.

Buster took the branch and started dusting himself with it and feigning tickle reactions.

"Hehe... oh, gee. Stop it, me." Then he stopped. "Aw heck this stinks, it ain't the same!" said Buster.
"Sorry I don't want to tickle you." said George.

Then George sneezed.

"Uh oh." said George.
"What's wrong?" said Buster.
"I'm allergic to this bush." said George.
"I'm sorry to hear that." said Buster.
"Oh no. Now the itching is starting." said George.

George started to scratch himself. But he couldn't reach his back.

"Oh no there's a itch on my back I cannot reach." said George.
"Aw too bad." said Buster.
"Can you...?"
"Maybe we could negotiate something..." said Buster.

George spent the next two hours tickling Buster while he scratched George's back.

"Oooh hehehe hehehe it tickles! Hehehehe!" said Buster.
"Oooh ahhhh ahhhh thank you! Oh yeah that's the spot!" said George.

Then they became really good friends.

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